Monopoly MOD APK 1.8.2 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

UpdatedOct 31, 2022
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If you are a fan of board games or looking for a game you can play with friends, Monopoly MOD APK is an exciting board game you should download. Aside from being an exciting board game, there are several business elements in this game. To enjoy this game better, you should download this mod version with all unlocked and unlimited money.

monopoly mod apk


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About Monopoly

Board games have long existed, way before mobile and pc games. Boardgame existence can be dated as far back as 300bc. So this game genre has survived several millennia, and it is still relevant to date. One of the most exciting board games you can play on android devices is Monopoly.

Monopoly is a popular board game for android devices. This game is suitable for both adults and kids. It is the perfect game to play when with friends and families. Technically, a single player can’t play board games, and most board games on mobile devices only allow players to play against AI. But in Monopoly, it is different. In this game, you can play with online players worldwide. This gives the same pleasure as playing a local board game.


The only difference between Monopoly and local board game gameplay is the platform. The gameplay, as a whole, has no difference. First, you shake your phone to roll the dice and make your move on the board in a clockwise direction. If you move into an empty box, you can pay the bank to own it. If another player has rented that plot of land, you must pay for it. Aside from the fun, the game teaches users about the real estate business. If you refuse to buy a vacant lot, the bank will auction it off. All players on the board are allowed to participate, including those who refused to buy the land.

Monopoly Mod Apk

In the end, if a player goes bankrupt, the player will be eliminated from the game. The player who makes the other player go bankrupt wins the game. If the game runs out of time, the richest player wins. In addition, there are some special boxes such as Chance and Community Chest. There are different items in these boxes. If you’re lucky, you can get some money from the bank.


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A set of Monopoly board games includes:

  • 2 dice.
  • Tokens of animals, trains, or anything. They represent the players on the board.
  • 1 board.
  • Money.
  • 32 houses.
  • 12 hotels.
  • Chance.
  • Land use papers.

Monopoly Apk Features

Monopoly Apk has some exciting features that make the game more engaging. We’ve mentioned some of these features below.

monopoly apk download

Customize the rules – some rules can be very dull. For example, Monopoly allows players to change some rules in the game, like going to jail, skipping cells, etc.

Game Modes – Currently, Monopoly only offers two game modes, real-time online multiplayer and AI mode. The AI mode is where you play with the computer. It is a little bit hard compared to the multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is where you challenge real players online; this makes the game more realistic.

Graphics – Instead of pictures on paper in real-life board games, Monopoly simulates a beautiful 3D city. The layout looks clean and appealing.

Monopoly Mod Apk Version


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Monopoly is not a free game. It costs $4.99 to download Google play. Sincerely, this game is worth more than its price. If you can’t afford the cost of the game, you can download the Monopoly Mod version as an alternative.

Monopoly Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Features Unlocked.

Monopoly MOD APK (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

In conclusion, Monopoly is a fascinating game for board game lovers—download Monopoly MOD APK through the link below.


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