GBWhatsapp Apk 16.20, v17.00 Latest Version 2022

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On this page, you can download the latest version of GBWhatsapp Apk 2022. The app provides several exciting features for a better chatting experience.


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Whats is GBWhatsapp APK?

GBWhatsapp Apk (GBWA Pro) is a wildly known WhatsApp mod and one of the best alternatives to the official WhatsApp app. The app is used and trusted by millions of people worldwide. It offers more features and makes chatting fun and exciting. Most people prefer to download and use GBWhatsapp over the official WhatsApp app. It is essential to know that Gbwhatsapp and its teams stand alone and have no affiliation with WhatsApp inc.

Furthermore, GBWhatsapp improves user experience by introducing additional features not available in the official Whatsapp version. For example, the app allows users to hide last seen, write status, view deleted chats and status, increase status character length, etc.

Among other WhatsApp mods, GB Whatsapp Apk is top-rated, thanks to the consistency of the developers. However, it is worth mentioning that GBWhatsapp and other WhatsApp mods are unofficial, and Whatsapp might ban users of such apps. But it is worth a try, don’t use your primary phone number on the app.

Best Features of GBWhatsapp Apk


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Without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting features of GbWhatsapp Apk.

Hide online status

Being seen online every time you turn on the internet is annoying. Gbwhatsap solves these issues by allowing users to hide their online status. Anytime this feature is enabled, your contacts won’t know if you are online, even when your phone is connected to the internet. This gives you some privacy and saves you from unwanted calls and messages.

Auto Reply Function

Having to type the same messages every time can be frustrating. This is a problem for those that use Whatsapp for business or are too busy to reply to messages. With the GBWhatsapp autoreply function, you can set a default response to various messages. First, you need to set the keyword and the response to that keyword. Then, when your contact sends a message containing the keyword you set, the app will automatically replay the Message. With the autoreply function, you can save yourself time and stress.

DND Disable Functionality

If you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed by WhatsApp notifications and messages, the DND feature is what you need. DND stands for do not disturb. With the GBWhatsApp DND feature, you can turn off the internet connection for WhatsApp alone – this means other apps will have access to the internet connection except for GBWhatsapp. So you can now focus on important tasks without distraction!

Broadcast Text Messages to Large Groups

Broadcasting messages on the official Whatsapp app is limited to five chats, making it difficult to send messages to large groups simultaneously. However, using WhatsApp GB apk, you can broadcast messages to multiple contacts at a time. It is excellent for marketing, messaging friends during special occasions, and sending wishes during festive periods.

Send Large Files and Pictures

The official WhatsApp has a maximum file size of 100MB, making it difficult to share large files. However, with Gbwhatsapp Apk, you can send a larger file up to 2GB without difficulty. This is super useful for work use and sending files to your contacts.

Built-in Pictures and Video Editor

GBWhatsapp has a built-in video and picture edition, allowing users to add effects to videos and images. With this feature, you don’t have to use third-party apps to make your pictures and videos look stunning. Also, there are many stickers you can add to images and videos. To take chatting to a new level, you must download GBWhatsapp Apk.

The GBwhatsapp apk 16.20 is now updated to 17.00 and has newer features and bug fixes. With a new user interface to improve the chatting experience.


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Other features of GBWhatsapp Apk

  • Change theme
  • Download free unique themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp
  • Dual/Multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Various languages
  • You can copy the status.
  • Send large files of videos, audios, images
  • Hide online status, double tick
  • Hide seen Message, delivered message staus
  • Always online feature
  • Able to send more than ten images
  • New and customized emojis for GB WhatsApp users
  • Backup feature
  • Add stickers from Google Play.
  • Various launcher icons
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Hide writing status
  • Hide recording status
  • Connectable with WhatsApp web, but the features do not work there.
  • Auto-reply messages
  • Create and customize themes that other GBWA users can use.

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Download GBWhatsapp Apk 16.20, v17.00 Latest Version 2022

Overall, GBWhatsapp gives you a better experience than the original Whatsapp version. Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp Apk here.


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