Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Apk 1.23.0 (Unlimited Money)

UpdatedAug 11, 2022
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Download Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Apk Unlimited Money Latest Version. In this game, you will act as a detective invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion. Can you find the killer? The only way to find out is to download and install this game.

Suspects Mystery Mansion MOD APK Latest Version


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Introducing Suspects Mystery Mansion

Suspects Mystery Mansion is an action game published by Wildlife Studios. This game has garnered over 10 million downloads on Google Play, credit to its engaging and intuitive gameplay. In this game, you play as a detective invited to the mysterious mansion to investigate a murder case. Along with you are eight other detectives invited.

However, the primary task is to uncover the culprit. The mission is the same, but you will handle problems differently. There are eight other people hidden among nine people present in the mansion, including the natural killer. Look for clues and perform investigative tasks to find the killer’s identity.

Suspects Mystery Mansion Gameplay

Most people often compare Suspect Mystery Mansion with Among Us, but in my view, I did say this game is not in any way related to Among Us. It comes with new concepts entirely. The character shaping is proper, not just color lumps compared to Among Us. There are realistic scenes and environments, slightly horror-like in real life, not on the grounds of a spaceship.

suspects mystery mansion Mod apk download
Fun Task

Moreover, in Suspects Mystery Mansion, all nine players are searching for clues to uncover the culprit. Furthermore, the killer doesn’t just strike the victim with a knife. Instead, the murderer has several ways to assassinate other members, such as using electric shock, stabbing a knife, sneakily shooting from behind, offering contaminated food, suffocating, and more.


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More than Just investigating

You will quickly understand the gameplay if you have played a similar genre. All nine detectives will perform a series of missions around the mansion in each battle. After each mini-mission, you will get evidence to expose the serial killer. When someone dies or an unusual event occurs, players will ring a bell to call people to gather to discuss, speak their doubts and vote for the person they suspect as the killer. Consequently, the person with the most votes in each round will be struck by lightning.

Know your group

When you have chosen your identity at the start of the game, the game will automatically let you know which character of the three groups you belong to. Also, a to-do list will appear, and you will get detailed instructions on what to do.

suspects mystery mansion apk latest version

There are three groups in this game;

  • Detective group: in this group, the mission is to find the killer before he goes out to kill everyone in the group.
  • Group of visitors: if you belong to this group, your mission will be to complete the tasks assigned to each room in the mansion, participate in discussions, and vote for the suspect.
  • Murderer: the mission the to kill all players present and overcome suspicion.

And whatever role you play, you must complete all the assigned missions and go through the votes before proceeding to another level. With Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Apk, you can instantly complete tasks and get unlimited money to purchase upgrades.

Download Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Easy Game)


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Do you have what it takes to become a detective? Download Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Apk to find out. You also enjoy Unlimited Money and easy Easy Gameplay with this modded version.

Mod Info

Player Menu

  • Show Imp // New (Name, Alive?, Current Room, Killer?) // Remember It Predicts 90% Accurate.
  • Max Lights
  • Spam Elevator (Will Make Go Up And Down Constantly) // New
  • Reset Show Impostor (Do This After Every Meeting)
  • Complete Task (Will Do Your Tasks For You) // New
  • Call Meeting // From Anywhere (If Available) // New

ESP Menu

  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Lines
  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Boxes
  • ESP Real Account Names // New

Fun Menu

  • Pick Player
  • Player Size
  • Zoom Out // New


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What's new

• Bugfixes and Improvements


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