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Soccer mobile games are forever evergreen games, some of which deal majorly with tactics while others deal with the action aspect or a combination of both. However, Madfut 22 Mod Apk is entirely different. It focuses mainly on the coaching aspect of football, the draft plan for every football game on the field.

Madfut 22 is a football coaching simulation game offered by Madfut. You will try your hardest to play the part of your squad as a “tactician” and coach to help the team win. The mechanism revolves around pack opener and trading of cards. Football is not just about playing the ball. It also combines creating the proper formation and placing players in the correct position. So how best can you play the role of a football coach?


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With this game, you will be tasked with building a squad, opening the best packages, playing a draft utilizing the just-explained strategy, and many other alluring features. In addition, there are also several gaming events that, by participating and finishing, will earn you various worthwhile awards and special player packages that will help you advance to higher positions. 


Madfut 22 Mod Apk lets you play the role of a strategist for a football club. You can still remotely control the game’s outcome using good opening and well-thought-out dribbling strategies without physically controlling the players or appearing in the game. You will have a chance of winning if you create a draft and unwrap the bundle of excellent athletes. 

As you continue to play, you will be given free packages to experience. Popular player characters can be found in these soccer packs. Opening it requires a little luck because it’s highly probable that you’ll get a feeling you possess or a famous football player.


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Paid football packages will feature better-quality players, and there is extremely little chance that you will receive a duplicate player. Packages include the race gold pack, gold pack, and silver pack. As a result, the players are of higher quality when the price is more. In addition, you can use bonuses to purchase quality players for your roster when you win games. 

Different Modes 

A game becomes more enjoyable when there are different modes to explore. Madfut 22 Mod Apk is not an exception. There are several modes for users to try out. You can also use your earned cards from opening packs. 

Set up your dream team

You can save your finished team, which consists of 11 players, six backups, and a coach, for use in upcoming games. In addition, you can participate in simulated matches where you can observe the outcomes of each encounter against other teams after saving your eleven best players. 

Considering each player’s unique attributes when assembling a team and their abilities is crucial. In many situations, having players from the same nation or club is preferable to having players with superior skills but poor interpersonal relationships. 

Other Additional Features 

The Madfut 22 comes with new modes and more exciting content than ever. The new modes focus more on online mode so users can enjoy playing with others. 


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SBC Groups

Players will amass player cards by opening packages from in-game purchases made with real money or gold coins. In this game mode, you can gather cards and player-upgrading bonuses for upcoming bouts. 


Players will assemble a complete team to compete in the MAD FUT 22 rankings using the player cards and the rewards above. Players will compete and demonstrate their strategic prowess with other gamers here as distinct rankings will alternatively refresh each week. 


It can be compared to mission mode for event competition. Players will strive for the ultimate triumph to collect precious rewards weekly or monthly using their strongest player cards. 

Online Multiplayer

The mode lets you connect with other players online and challenge each other in an online game.

Madfut Mod Apk Features

  • Free Shopping: You can buy any item in the game even when your balance is zero.

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Download Madfut Mod Apk For Android

If you’re a great fan of football management simulated games, you should try this out. The game is packed with lots of unique features and modes. You don’t want to miss out on this. Click on the download button below to get started. 


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What's new

• Small bug fixes

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