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UpdatedJune 12, 2022
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If you are looking for an MMORPG game to play in the comfort of your mobile phone, you should download Helmet Heroes Apk. The game has an exclusive gameplay experience with lots of items to collect. Furthermore, on this page, you can download the latest update of Helmet Heroes Mod Apk. The mod version gives you access to Unlimited money and tickets.


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the latest update of Helmet Heroes Mod Apk
helmet heroes apk mod

About Helmet Heroes Apk

Helmet Heroes is an incredible game where players enjoy adventurous journeys as they explore huge worlds full of quests and conquer. This masterpiece is from Helmet Games and has gained traction in the gaming world.

Furthermore, Helmet Heroes stands out as one of the top MMORPG games of this time. The game takes you to a world filled with ancient forts, mysterious forests, tombs, and caves full of enemies and impending dangers. Players band with fellow warriors and adventurers as they explore huge weird worlds and slay enemies crossing their paths.

Moreover, Helmet Heroes has different levels with varying difficulty. You will engage in an exciting PVP challenge, defeat enemies, enjoy loot, and get rich.

Helmet Heroes Exciting Gameplay

Helmet Heroes Mod Apk Unlimited Money
helmet heroes apk mod

Helmet Heroes is presented as a typical fantasy MMORPG game. At the start of the game, players get to choose from the classes of characters, such as a Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Cowboy, etc. In addition to choosing characters, the game allows you to customize characters to your satisfaction. There are over 600 items you can use to customize your hero.


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As you progress in the game, you will encounter over 40 armies ready to attack you unprovoked. However, you can choose to fight like a lone knight or create a team of heroes to defeat challenges to become a true hero in Helmet Heroes. Moreover, the game also has dozens of monsters, PvP combat game mode, and different missions to complete. So buckle up and explore huge, weird worlds full of dangers and excitement.

Detailed Graphics and Artwork

Notably, Helmet Heroes comes with 2D graphics but is colorful and eye-catching. Furthermore, Helmet Heroes has a crisp visual and smooth animation, making your gameplay experience more delightful. Also, the game layout is well aligned on the screen, increasing player mobility.

Helmet Heroes Apk Update 2022
helmet heroes apk mod

Additionally, this game features RPG mechanics that allows you to perform special action in the game. Special effects are visible when players perform action making the gameplay even more realistic.

Features of Helmet Heroes Apk

Helmet Heroes has several features that make the game engaging. We’ve mentioned some of these features below:

Multiplayer Mode: One of the Helmet Heroes’ specialties is the multiplayer mode. It comes with an online multiplayer mode where you meet other players around the globe. With this game mode, you can team up with other players to explore the vast game world and fight and defeat enemies together. However, to participate in the multiplayer mode, you need to register an account, and afterward, choose a server and start playing online.

Build weapons and collect items: Also, in Helmet Heroes, there are varieties of weapons available. During gameplay, players can collect special resources that they can use to make weapons. Moreover, there are 600 items in the game that are collectible. You can use the item to customize characters and create weapons such as armor, helmets, shields, and more.


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However, some of the items in the game require lots of coins or in-app purchases. You can download Helmet Heroes Mod Apk latest updates to enjoy unlimited coins and tickets in the game.

Various Characters: Like any other game, several characters can choose from. The game offers four characters: Wizard, Warrior, Cowboy, and Archer. Another exciting thing about the characters is that each comes with unique abilities and weapons. For example, archers can aim at a far distance, and warriors use strength and heavy weapons.

There are several other features of this game that are not mentioned here. Download and install Helmet Heroes Apk to find out.

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Download Helmet Heroes Apk (Unlimited Money, Tickets) Update 2022

Overall, Helmet Heroes Apk is an amazing MMORPG game you will defiantly enjoy if you are an RPG game lover. Download Helmet Heroes Apk via the link below.


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