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UpdatedNovember 25, 2021
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Dream League Soccer (DLS) is arguably the best soccer game for Android mobile phones. In this article, we will review some of the features and provide the download link for the Mod apk version of this game. Speaking of the Mod Apk, Dream League Soccer Mod Apk gives players access to unlimited money. Therefore, you can use the money to upgrade and purchase this game.


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Introducing: Dream League Soccer

Published by First Touch Games Ltd., Dream League is one popular soccer game out there. This game was one of the first games from First Touch Games. It has put them at the forefront of many developers in creating exciting soccer games. Some other exciting sports games like Score Hero also comes from their desk.

Dream League Soccer is what we can authoritatively call a complete soccer game. It combines the club management of football manager 2021 and the exciting soccer match gameplay of PES 2020. The combination of the two makes dream league soccer a worthy choice for many soccer game lovers.

Brief Background

Dream League soccer, popularly known as DLS released on both iOS and Android platforms in 2016. The frequent updates of this game made it relevant and kept it at the top of its competitor. A new update is released every year, and the year’s name is attached to the game title. For example, Dream League Soccer 2016, 17, 18, 19, 20, and Dream League Soccer 2021. It will probably go on and on, except if the developer chooses not to continue this style in the future.

Furthermore, the name is not just changed but also the game contents. Transfers, clubs, and players’ jerseys, among other things, are also updated to match the current year’s real-life football calendar. The developer tries hard to make the game as realistic as possible. Kudos to them!

Dream League Soccer Mod Apk

In addition, Dream League Soccer comes with lots of flexibility; you can do more than play matches. It gives you total control and management of your team; this has made the game favorite of millions of players across the globe. Let’s take a look at some other exciting features of this game.

Manage Your Team


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Dream League Soccer allows you to create your dream team as Dream Team FC. You are free to add any players of your choice as the team captain. The game randomly selects other players. Furthermore, you are free to change the players’ names, costumes, and icons.

Dream League Soccer Apk Latest Version

Then, your primary activity is to lead your team to participate in tournaments. Six levels of play are available: Academy Division, Division 3, Division 2, Division 1, Junior Elite, Division, and Elite Division. The game also comes with robust multiplayer, which allows you to play online with other Dream League players across the globe.

Easy Controls

Dream League Soccer has intuitive controls. Therefore, this makes it easier for someone who hasn’t played the game before to adapt. In addition to controls, you can choose from various camera modes and auto-play options. For example, to find the right camera angle, you can experiment with different angles to discover the right one.

Graphics and Sounds

One of the qualities that put this game at the top is its high-quality graphics. Dream League Soccer comes with quality 3D realistic graphics. As a result, the Player’s looks are so natural; the movement of players on the field is smooth and flexible. Also, the soundtrack is pretty well done, including background music and practical commentary in each match.

This is also a FIFPro-licensed football game similar to EA’s FIFA series. This means it uses the official names and images of international players.

Dream League Soccer Mod APK Version For Android


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Dream League Soccer Mod Apk gives users added advantages while playing the game. With this DLS Mod version, you can enjoy unlimited money and easy gameplay.

Mod Apk Features

To give new players unfamiliar with the game’s playing style a better experience, we have provided a MOD Menu version that allows you to turn on and off the MOD features.

Dumb Bot: When activated, players controlled by the AI will become dense and less intelligent. You will be able to score easily.

Unlimited Money: Before, there wasn’t a MOD Money version of Dream League Soccer until now. The Dream League Mod provided on our site comes with unlimited money. Thanks to places like apkmody that make this available.

Download Dream League Soccer MOD APK for Android

Overall, Dream League Soccer is a perfect football game for mobile devices. Before I mentioned three soccer games, I would have mentioned Dream League Soccer twice. That’s how enjoyable this game is. Download Dream League Soccer Mod Apk to enjoy the game even more.


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