Dead Cells MOD APK 2.7.10 (Unlimited Money)

UpdatedAug 8, 2022
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Dead Cells MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an interesting skill-based action game developed by Playdigious. This game is a mix of classic and modern game styles. If you’re an action game, Dead Cells is another exciting game you should try.

Dead Cells MOD APK


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Introducing Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an action platformer game developed by Playdigious. If you are familiar with games like Spelunky and Trine, you will immediately sense how enjoyable this game will be. So far, Dead Cells has garnered over 100 thousand downloads on Google Play. The lower download count is defiantly not because the game is less exciting but because it’s not a free-to-download game. This game costs around $9, so not everyone can afford it. Besides, this game is worth every penny you spend on it.

However, it’s not just about hack n slash. This game comes with everything you need in an action game. Whether it is smooth graphics, smooth action scenes, or dramatic challenges, you’ve got it all in this game.

Dead Cells Gameplay

The fascinating point of this game lies in the story of the protagonist. In this game, you begin the adventure as a dead warrior who was revived by a parasite. Despite being a deadly warrior, there is no limitation to its abilities and skill. It is now left for you to put the skill to good use. Explore dungeons, fight and defeat enemies.

Dead Cells MOD APK Gameplay

Despite being a supernatural being, your character is still vulnerable to enemy attack, so upgrade and unlock new weapons to increase their abilities.

Vast Map to explore

Dead Cells comes with a diverse map you can explore. The Map is divided into several areas. Each area is also subdivided into other areas. Unlike other adventure games, you can explore any area without following the map sequence. As you proceed to higher stages, the difficulty level also increases. You need to upgrade your weapon and skill to move in your adventure. New levels are also automatically created to bring you new experiences.


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Game Modes

Dead Cells has two different game modes you can choose from. You will need to master the controls in the default mode and fight enemies with a blade or magic. The other mode is Auto hit mode. In this mode, your character automatically engages enemies in combat when they enter the cage. The advantage of this mode is that you get to use a lightning-fighting game style. The choice is yours to make.

Explore the dungeon

While exploring the maze, you will encounter countless loot, dozens of enemies, and traps. However, weapons are not left out. You will find three different weapons classified with colors. These weapons are capable of increasing weapon damage and health.


There are varieties of weapons to choose from in Dead Cells. Although each weapon has unique abilities, it is good to try new weapons to discover new skills. You can also learn combinations for freezing grenades to 3-way arrows, throwing blades, and blocking shields. With Dead Cells MOD APK, you get unlimited Money to upgrade and unlock new weapons.


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Download Dead Cells MOD APK Unlimited Money

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Dead Cells is not a free-to-download game. It cost almost $9 on Google Play. If you wish to know what this game looks like before purchasing, then download Dead Cells MOD APK. This modded version also includes unlimited Money you can use to purchase in-game items. Download via the download link provided below.

Mod Features

  • License check is disabled;
  • All DLC purchased and installed;
  • Immortality
  • High Damage
  • Unlimited Money and cell (control is available from the menu);
  • Disabled Google Play Core binding;
  • Fixed developer errors related to the screen resolution for modern smartphones.

Money Increases When Spent


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What's new

Fixed achievements issues
Giant now does knock the crystals from the ceiling as it should
Minor UI fixes
Fixed controller binding for switching map display
Flask goggles can now be moved
Fixed Aspects UI layout
Fixed audio volumes & values rounding in options
Fixed a few minor localization issues
Better Android 12 compatibility (cutouts and action bars) with immersive mode
code maintenance


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