Zooba MOD APK 3.44.0 (Hack/Mod Menu)

App Name Zooba
UpdatedNov 3, 2022
Size337.82 MB
Mod Info Hack/Mod Menu
category Action
Price Free
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Take advantage of Zooba MOD APK (Hack/Mod Menu) to get Unlimited Sprint Skills and diamonds during gameplay. The download link is made available below. So download this game directly from our site, install, and enjoy it on your mobile devices.

Battle royale games have come a long way and are here to stay. This game style has risen in the past few years, thanks to PUBG, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. Developers like Wildlife Studios came up with a new way to re-introduce this genre to players. If you are a fan of battle royale games, this game shouldn’t be missing on your devices.


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About Zooba

Zooba is a free multiplayer survival battle royale game developed by Wildlife Studios, which has garnered over 10 million downloads on google play. The game combines MOBA playstyle (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to give players an adrenaline-filled battle royale survival adventure. However, unlike the popular battle royale games, you will fight like animals in this game. There are many animal characters to choose from, diverse game modes, astounding graphics, and more!

Get ready for a fast-paced online multiplayer survival adventure! Meet and have fun with other gun and animal lovers around the globe. Be the last animal standing by eliminating other animals as fast as possible.

Features of Zooba

Animal Character: In Zooba, many popular fun animal characters are to choose from. They are all familiar animals you often see in the zoo or in animal world TV series. Each character has its unique abilities, strengths, and weakness. At first, there are only three animal characters to choose from. As you progress in this game, the number of characters will increase. Remember to upgrade your character to improve your abilities.


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Game modes: Zooba comes with many game modes players can choose from. There’s the solo match where you’ll engage in a game filled with other players by yourself. Every animal for itself is here, and the last survival wins! In addition, there are the trio and squad game modes where you’ll fight in groups! There are tons of things to expect in this game, and they’re all fun!

Graphics: Zooba comes with 3D gameplay with top to down view angle. The characters, as well as the surroundings, are well-designed! Aside from that, you’ll enjoy the vastness of the maps and the fluid animations.

Download Zooba for a great free online multiplayer battle royale game experience, whether a beginner or a novice survival battle royale game fan! Furthermore, Zooba offers fun survival play modes and endless hours of free multiplayer excitement. Zooba is an online survival adventure game that offers action, unique gameplay, and a fantastic free multiplayer survival adventure experience!

Download Zooba MOD APK (Hack/Mod Menu)


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Enjoy the unique combination of the two types of Battle Royale and MOBA! Download Zooba MOD APK to get unlimited money and more unlocked items. Click on “Get Download Links.”

Features of MOD APK version of Zooba

  • No Ads – You don’t need to view ads to get free items.
  • Unlimited Money – In this modded version of Zooba, you get free diamonds which can be seen at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Menu mod
  • Map mod (Show Enemies/Items)
  • Can always be shot (high ban rate)


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What's new

It's getting spooky at the Zoo!

Halloween has arrived, haunted guards are on the loose and you better watch out! You never know who, or what may get summoned.

Enter at your own risk!


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