Zombie Catchers Mod Apk 1.30.30 (Unlimited Coins)

App Name Zombie Catcher
UpdatedOct 25, 2022
Size80.39 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
category Action
Price Free
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Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Unlimited Coins is the recently modified version that gives you access to unlimited coins/Money and premium features. This page contains the download link for the modded Zombie Catcher Apk. So download and enjoy premium features!

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zombie catchers


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Zombies are mere fairy tales in the real world but are featured in different entertainment fields. The Walking Dead series has been one of the most popular Zombie movies in the movie field, and now, here is  Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. An exciting arcade action game you don’t want to miss.

About Zombie Catchers: Dead Winter

Zombie Catchers Dead Winter is a casual action-adventure game developed by Deca Games. It has an entirely unusual gameplay style that makes it different from other Zombie games. This game has gained over 100 million users across the globe, making it one of the most popular Zombie games. However, Zombie Catchers Dead Winter somewhat belongs to the action game category, but its game style sets it apart from its pairs.

Not like other zombie games where the idea is based on zombies killing humans. It is not even the opposite! In this game, you are meant to catch zombies and extract delicious juice—strange but exciting.


Everyone human on earth has been infected with a zombie disease-causing pandemic all over the globe. There is no safe place! But fortunately, one day, two space businessmen A.J and Bud, came to earth to explore. They discover that they could extract some juice from zombies. They decided to open a shop to sell this zombie-made juice to make money, and this also accidentally saved the earth from the zombie pandemic. You are the businessmen. All you have to do is lore this zombie to a deserted place every night and catch them. The more zombies you see, the higher the reward.

Features of Zombie Catchers


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Weapons – In Zombie Catchers, there are different weapons available to unlock. The higher the level the more difficult it is to catch these zombies. So, unlock and upgrade new weapons to make them more powerful and effective. Also, gadgets such as jet-packs, traps, and more assist in hunting zombies. But to unlock these, players must have enough Coins. No worries, you get unlimited coins in Zombie Catchers Dead Winter Mod Apk.

Costumes – There are lots of unique themes and customization options available for you to your character in this game.

Graphic – Zombie Catchers has 2D graphics perfect for every screen resolution. The characters look colorful, the colors look perfectly toned to reduce contrasts. You can play this game for a longer period without any side effects.

Play Offline – this game can be played offline for free without a data connection.

Tips to play Zombie Catchers

Here are some tips that will help you progress faster in this game.

Hide before catching zombies

Zombies in Zombie Catchers are very sensitive. They are capable of recognizing your presence from afar. After you drop the brains to trap them, you need to hide behind a large rock or a tree quickly. If they know you are there, they will run away or not even appear instead of eating the brain.

Watch out for zombies with weapons

Some zombies can throw stones or sticks at you, causing you to be paralyzed for some seconds. If you contact this type of zombie, find a hiding place, wait for them to throw stones and then catch them.


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Download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Unlimited Coins For Android

The modified version of Zombie Catchers Mod Apk comes with unlimited coins, and it’s safe to download without any anomalies. In addition, you can purchase different gadgets with unlimited money available in this version.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money


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What's new

Hello Zombie Catchers around the world! We have made the following changes in this update:
- added Halloween theme
- minor quality of life changes
- bug fixes


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