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UpdatedApril 19, 2022
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Wilderless APK is an android game where peace of mind is the only goal. No quests, no enemies, and ads, just you going around beautifully enjoying the moment of truly living with peace of mind.


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About Wilderless

Sometimes, games do not need to contain action, strategy, or horror elements before they can be interesting. Wilderless brought this to reality. In addition, Wilderless comes with a concept that lets you understand gaming differently. There is no fighting action, complex puzzle, or suspenseful plot, yet the game is still interesting.

wilderless apk download for android
Wilderless Apk

In this game, you explore an endless world without limit; the game does not tie to any pattern or guideline whatsoever. Sarcastically, you do not have anything to do, and you can still do a lot in this game. Furthermore, Wilderless belongs to a gaming concept called indie game, short for an independent video game. These are indie video games, developed and produced by individuals or small groups, with no significant investments in funding or technical support from a large game publisher.

However, this kind of game is filled with the developers’ enthusiasm and passion. The game expresses the developer’s worldview, vision, thoughts, concerns, or even the things that you cannot do in the real world are included here, clearly and more specific than ever. That is what makes this kind of game even more enjoyable.


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Let us get into more of what this game has to offer!

You can be anyone or anything.

You are not just a simple human anymore. In Wilderless Apk, you can take any form you want. For example, you can transform into an eagle flying through the warm sky or turn into a giant whale swimming in an ocean wave. All your weakness as a human being will be long gone in this game.

wilderless apk download

You have total control of your will and desire.

When entering the free world of Wilderless, you will be able to make your own choices and express your desires. You can go anywhere, do whatever you want, or just be yourself. Not only that, you can meditate and listen to the voice of your soul, surrounded by the murmur of streams, the wind rattling, a beautiful view of nature, and the chirping birds.

You enjoy the peace of mind you’ve always craved for in real life in this total relaxing game.

A world for wounded souls

Wilderless is a world for wounded souls. No enemies, no missions, no damage or loss. An average game is defined by its story and gameplay, but its contents and nature are the right words to describe it. The game is filled with only moments of relaxation, real peace, in the mid of mountains, flowers, and anything else that can open your mind.


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Also, you are free to choose what to look like, be it a girl or boy, man or woman, and even your outfit.

Looking at this game from a different perspective, I can say that it is therapeutic. Wilderless is the kind of game you should play when you wish to escape some weird thought or this cruel world.

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Download Wilderless APK for Android

Wilderless APK is a pay-to-download game. You have to pay a few bucks to download this game on the plays store. However, we’ve provided the download link for Wilderless APK’s latest version directly on this site. Just click on the download button below.

What's new

Optimize toggle on splash screen - turn it on to use memory saving mode for earlier devices Fix for graininess in terrain More detailed terrain textures


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