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UpdatedSep 28, 2022
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WhatsApp Business Apk is a mobile application designed for official WhatsApp clients. The main focus of WhatsApp Business is to oversee various parts of your business account so clients can speak with your company via WhatsApp chat. You only need to register to enjoy all WhatsApp Business’s features.

Enter information about your business in the app, such as your mailing address and the region it serves (if you have one. Each listing displays this information in the open. Additionally, you’ll be able to respond to inquiries from customers and manage to provide them with an automatic response that is tailored to their needs. This app is designed to help SMEs across the world. 

WhatsApp Business was created with businesses in mind. It was made from top to bottom to provide consumers with exceptional service. Give modern enterprises a means of standing out in the market. 

WhatsApp Business is an essential tool for organizations and businesses who want to communicate with their clients directly through the most popular instant messaging platform. 

What’s more exciting about all these is that the WhatsApp Business Apk can coexist on the same Android device as the original WhatsApp Messenger. Each runs simultaneously and has unique accounts and phone numbers connected to it. 

Main Features Of WhatsApp Business Apk 

In addition to the features of the regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business Apk comes with features like:

Business Profile 

Create a profile for your company to make it easier for clients to access useful information, such as your website, location, or contact details. You can also provide your business category, business opening and closing hours, your email address, and the address or location of your company so that people can get to your store or office on Google maps. 

Business Messaging Tools

WhatsApp Business Apk is designed to help SMEs communicate better with their customers. Messaging tools like Away Messages allow you to indicate when you’re away and encourage customers to move around the sales funnel easily. You can also use the Greeting message as an introductory message when customers first message you. And Quick reply for instant quick response. 

WhatsApp Web

You can now effectively carry on with your business conversations on your computer’s browser. 

Landline/Fixed Number Support

Your customers can message you on that number if you utilize WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number. To get the code over the phone, choose the “Call me” option during verification. 

If you’re worried about privacy and security, WhatsApp Business Apk is secured with end-to-end encryption. 

Download WhatsApp Business Apk For Android 

Whatsapp Business will allow you to handle consumers more cautiously if you run a business or deal with them online. So download the apk file below and start enjoying all the amazing features it has in store for you. 

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