War Robots Mod Apk 8.3.0 (Unlimited Rockets)

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UpdatedSep 7, 2022
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Download War Robots Mod Apk (Unlimited Rockets) Latest Version. With this modded version, you can easily defeat the robots and win. The download link has been provided on this page. Download and enjoy.

War Robots MOD APK

Introducing War Robots

War Robots is a popular shooter game with over 50 million downloads on Google Play alone. PIXONIC published this game in 2014. Over the past years, this game has received many achievements compared to other games in its category. Therefore, war Robots can be termed one of the most engaging robot-themed MOBA action games on Android.

You engage in a thrilling PvP arena-style battle between you and your opponents in this game. The goal is to collect the best robots considering their speed, firepower, defense, and much more to fight and defeat opponents. With over 50 robots to choose from, each robot has unique designs and abilities. Also, there is a wide range of customization options. This allows you to give your robots the type of look you prefer.

Key Features of  War Robots

This game comes with several features that give players a better gameplay experience. Some of the main features are listed below;


War Robots come with a diverse weapon system. These weapons are categorized into three units: light, medium, and heavy types. Of course, the capabilities of each are different. For example, a lightweight gun is less heavy but has lesser damage than heavy weapons.

War Robots mod apk gameplay

As you progress, you will face more challenges. The opponent fights intelligently while controlling a variety of deadly weapons of destruction. You also need to upgrade your gun to a higher standard.

Like most mobile games, to enjoy the game to its fullest, you’re expected to spend some money on upgrading and unlocking new robots and weapons. But with War Robots Mod Apk, you have most weapons already unlocked, unlimited Ammo, and rockets.

Unlock All Robots in War Robots

Over 50 robots to choose from, each with unique designs and powers. You need to choose the robot that best suits you. You can also customize your robot alongside changing its appearance with colors, spray paints, and other decals. You can also change up your weapon loadout.

War Robots mod apk gameplay

Game Modes

War robots have various game modes, including Quick Match, Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Arena, and Skirmish. Some of these modes are only open on weekends, while you can play some at any time.

Overall, this game has a lot of modes for players to renew their experience constantly. Modes are divided into two categories, custom, and default.

In addition, there are several other features of this game that are not mentioned on this page. Download and install War Robots mod to find out more. Similar game: Armajet Mod Apk.

Download War Robots Mod Apk (Unlimited Rockets and Unlimited Ammo)

As usual, the free download link for War Robots Mod Apk has been provided on the download page. So, download and install the MOD APK version of War Robots, you can effortlessly defeat the robots to win.

How to Install War Robots Mod Apk

Follow the guide below to install the Mod Apk version of War Robots.

  • Firstly, download War Robots from Google Play (If you have never installed this game before).
  • Next, delete the version downloaded from Google Play.
  • Lastly, download and install the MOD version to use.

What's new

- EVENT: PIRATES OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM. Pirate ship to starboard!
- NEW ROBOT: MARS. Goes with huge detachable turret on its back
- NEW WEAPON: FAINTER. Immobilize your foes!
- NEW MOTHERSHIP: FROZEN SCORN. Freezing storm on the battlefield!
- NEW PILOTS: Captain Clyde, and Kate O'Donnel
- UPDATED SHENZHEN: the classic map with a fresh new look
- Bug fixes
- Check the full notes at warrobots.com


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