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UpdatedJanuary 31, 2022
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Very Little Nightmares APK (Full Paid) is a mobile game for puzzle game lovers. Suppose you are a puzzle game fan. This game is the best storyboard puzzle game for you. However, the game is a premium game, meaning you have to pay some amount before you download this game on Playstore.

But on this page, we’ve provided the link to download Very Little Nightmares APK for free. Read more about this game below.


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Introducing: Very Little Nightmares

Very Little Nightmares, formerly known as Hunger, was first published in 2014 by Bandai Namco. Before this game was made available for IOS and Android devices, the PC version called Little Nightmares made a strong impression in the gaming community. Even though this game cost $6.99 on Google Play, it has amassed over 100k downloads in the space of 2years.

Furthermore, Very Little Nightmares’ gameplay is gratifying and suitable for adults and kids. The game comes with horror puzzle gameplay that glorifies the “Nightmares” in the game title.


Very Little Nightmares has puzzle gameplay combined with horror elements to give players the best experience. You play a small girl in a world full of scary monsters. These monsters can harm you. You have to move gently and stealthily through the hidden corners of the mansion without being detected. Try to stay away from the chef in the kitchen. He won’t hesitate to add the poor girls to his recipe if caught.

However, Very Little Nightmares has no gameplay instructions or dialogue. You have to figure everything out yourself. Throughout the game, you will go through different stages facing giant monsters. Of course, you can’t fight them but can only stealthily move through the dark corners. The game is so exciting and intriguing. You will find yourself enjoying every moment of this game.

Very Little Nightmares APK latest version

Features of Very Little Nightmares

Very Little Nightmares is a fun game coupled with satisfying gameplay. The game also features several things to make the gameplay even more enjoyable. We’ve mentioned some of these features below;


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Horrific Monsters

In Very Little Nightmares, you encounter several dangerous monsters throughout the game. Monsters are lurking in every room in the mansion. If you encounter these monsters, you have to dodge them cleverly by hiding behind nearby objects to avoid suspicion.

Explore and solve puzzles

Also, in Very Little Nightmares, several challenging puzzles exist. Here, you will need to explore different areas in the mansion and solve puzzles to escape them. The game will challenge you with many unique puzzles that will tease your brain and put your problem-solving skills to the test. If you think you have the skills to survive, download Very Little Nightmares Apk to find out.

Graphics and Sounds

Mostly we rarely see puzzle games with quality graphics and sounds. However, Very Little Nightmares has realistic and crisp 3D graphics with impressive sounds. This gives you a whole new perspective as you start your adventures in the game. Besides, Very Little Nightmares uses the primary colors of black, gray, and green, increasing the coldness and loneliness of the main character. Also, the scene and objects are designed logically. You can also check similar puzzle games like Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells, Homescapes Mod Apk, and Forager Apk (Paid).

Download Very Little Nightmares APK (Full Paid) For Android

Overall, Very Little Nightmares doesn’t have a scary scenes like horror games. However, the cold, tense, and scary atmosphere will always trigger you. Download Very Little Nightmares APK – Full Paid – Latest version freely from the download link below.


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