The Wolf MOD Apk 2.7.2 (Free Shopping)

App Name The Wolf
UpdatedOct 17, 2022
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Mod Info Free Shopping
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From the name, one could easily tell The Wolf MOD Apk is a game about wolves. Wolves are not just wild animals who hunt other prey down; they are known for their strong and united character and live as a devoted family that looks out for one another and their community. Ever wondered what it feels like to live the life of a Wolf? Then this game is for you.


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More About The Wolf

The Wolf  MOD Apk is an MMORPG that lets you live the lifestyle of a Wolf. You will possess every characteristic of a Wolf you could think of, including communicating with other wolves and hunting. Every time you kill an animal, you earn experience points that you can use to develop your wolf’s skills and characteristics. 

The game has quite an easy gameplay but is still very much interesting to play. You will have to look for food, water, and shelter, hunt other animals, and sometimes fight other wolves when they trespass.  You are living the life of a Wolf with this game. 

The Wolf MOD Apk is an exceptional MMORPG that provides a distinctive gaming experience and stunning aesthetics. 


Like I said earlier, this game has quite easy gameplay. Your main goal is to control the wolf to fight for survival. Your instincts and desire for blood make you a wolf. Feel the force of nature’s swift legs and pointed teeth by immersing yourself in it. 

You can move your wolf freely around the setting with the left virtual stick and hunt other animals with the attack button. You will be faced with fighting other wolves, raccoons, rats, and foxes. You can also use the PvP mode, where you can play with other players wolves.

Customize wolf

As you advance through the game,  you can point to help you customize your wolf. You can customize several aspects of your wolf, including the name, fur color, different skills, and upgrade stats like Health, Attack, Defense, and Speed. This will help the wolf to attack more effectively.


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The Wolf MOD Apk provides a wide variety of wolf species. Players can select their preferred wolf from the gray and black wolves, for example. Each wolf species will possess specialized skills. They are fierce fighters with pointed fangs. The legs are quick and can cover great distances to reach areas where there are many other creatures. 

Graphics Quality 

The Wolf MOD Apk offers a fantastic visual experience with its top-notch 3D visuals. The wolf’s actions, demeanor, mobility, and hunting technique are all accurately replicated. In addition, the globe is full of breathtaking views of the steppe and ancient forests. 

Download The Wolf MOD Apk (Free Shopping) For Android 

Knowing the characteristics of a wolf is great but playing the role of a Wolf is a total game changer. The Wolf MOD Apk allows players to shop for different in-game items for free. Click on the download button below to get it now.

Mod Features

Free Shopping: The mod apk allows you to buy any in-game items even if the coin is not enough or the quantity is zero.


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What's new

Weekly Quests fixes and improvements


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