Terraria Mod Apk (God Mode, Free Craft)

App Name Terraria
UpdatedOct 26, 2022
Mod Info God Mode, Free Craft
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Terraria Mod Apk (God Mode, Free Craft) is an exciting game considered the 2D version of Minecraft. The game built its name by revamping the craft and build of Minecraft gameplay and successfully applying it on a 2D RPG platform.

Terraria mod apk


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About Terraria

Terraria is an action-adventurous game from 505 Games Srl. The developer built this game initially for the PC version. However, the unexpected success of this game triggered the decision of 505 Games to partner with RakNet and CodeGlue to develop the mobile version in August 2013. As a result, the mobile version was released, attracting millions of fans, becoming one of the top paid games in the app store.

Furthermore, Terraria is characterized by adventurous scenes, crafting escapades, mining challenges, and exploration. The game features both single and multiplayer modes. So if you are tired of playing the game alone, you can explore the diversity of the multiplayer mode and extend the fun.


In the game, you have the opportunity to explore and create your dream world. Dig, explore, fight. Those are the main tasks in the open world of Terraria. The game starts with an auto-generated world that’s pretty simple. You begin the game by cutting down a few trees, building shelters, then mining resources. You will have a few tools, but you must make better ones by crafting and building.

Terraria apk gameplay


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Furthermore, you have to find materials to create weapons and armor. It will come in handy when you need to fight hundreds of monsters in the game. There are more than 400 weapons from melee, long-range, magic, summon, and many others. Besides, you can also choose to live a peaceful life in the open world by building houses for NPCs (Non-player Characters), fishing, riding, finding Bay Island, and there are many, many other things waiting.

Survive in the open world

Some aspects of the game simulate the real world. For example, Terraria has a day/night cycle. If you want to play safe, don’t explore at night. The night is for monsters and zombies. But if you have strong weapons and armor to withstand the night’s terror, you can go out and explore the night. During the day, you can comfortably go for a walk, exploit resources, explore caves and kill some weak monsters.

Creativity is unlimited

What you can become and create in Terraria is unlimited. You can choose to become a shaman, knight, or explorer. By exploiting resources and developing characters, you can create any character the way you want. Make your character stand out among others by giving it a unique look.

Terraria mod apk download

Besides, building and manufacturing are also factors that make the game attract millions of players every day. Discover every corner of a big, strange world with many odd landscapes you have never witnessed. Make weapons, clothing, vehicles, walls, bases, or even villages.

Some modes in Terraria


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The mobile version of Terraria has some Mediumcore or Hardcore mode. In each mode, you face new challenges. In addition, the modes come with different difficulty levels. We’ve mentioned the game modes below!


The level of punishment those who died receive defines the mode of difficulty. You will only lose about 1/3 (sometimes 2/3) of the item in inventory and about half of the gold you have in softcore mode. This penalty is relatively low compared to Mediumcore, where you lose all items in your inventory and gold.


The mode is relatively simple. It was designed to bring a new player experience. In the Pre-hardmode, the number of Spawn enemies (randomly generated) is relatively low. The enemy also usually has less health and less aggression. Players will quickly learn about the game mechanism without worrying too much about the enemy. Thanks to this mode.


As the name implies, this is where the game becomes more difficult. There are a more significant number of Spawn enemies, and more often. This mode is for experienced players. You will have to use all your knowledge and skills to survive in this mode. In addition, the boss in Hardmode is more complex and has a larger number than the normal mode. If you are passionate about fighting, the HardMode will be perfect.

Terraria Mod Apk Version

The official version of this game costs $4.99 on google play. The cost might be low, but not everyone can afford it. If you wish to enjoy the game but can’t afford the official price, download Terraria Mod Apk from our site.

Mod Features

  • God Mode: You are almost immortal, except to die underwater and from poison.
  • Unlimited Items: Items automatically increase when you split.

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Download Terraria MOD APK (God Mode, Free Craft) for Android

Terraria allows players to adventure and do everything in a simulated world. The game is similar to Minecraft in most aspects but even more enjoyable. Download Terraria MOD APK (God Mode, Free Craft) from the download link below this article.


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What's new

Many bug fixes and improvements!


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