Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk 1.77 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

UpdatedJanuary 18, 2022
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If you are searching for Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk, then you are in the right place. On this page, we’ve provided the download link for the mod version of Tap Tap Breaking Apk. Use the link below this page to download this game.

With the money available In this mod version, you can upgrade your hero to become stronger. Read more about this game below.

Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK


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About Tap Tap Breaking

Its is no doubt that simulation games are one of the best game categories today. That is because they are easy to play and fun-focused. This is entirely true when a simulation game focuses on a single topic. For example, imagine having a game where you have fun smashing things. That is precisely what Tap Tap Breaking is all about.

Tap Tap Breaking is a game where your character smashes everything with bare hands. Extremely fun and satisfying. It is also worth mentioning that the gameplay is quite similar to idle games like Idle Miner Tycoon. All you do in this game is tap the screen repeatedly to help your character break objects and upgrade to give him better strength and endurance.

Features of Tap Tap Breaking

Tap Tap Breaking is a simple game with oddly satisfying gameplay. However, the game comes with basic features expected of an idle game like itself. We’ve mentioned some of these features below.

Rewards: Each time your character uses his hands to destroy objects, he will receive coins corresponding to the amount of damage done to the thing. After that, his wealth will increase. In addition, you can use the acquired wealth to upgrade your character’s strength to give him better endurance.

Tap Tap Breaking apk gameplay

Many levels to play: First, you start the game in training mode with just a thin board. As your character break more thin boar and become stronger, new levels and object will unlock. It could be rocks, dragon balls, a rocky mountain, or even planets this time. How far can you go before running out of health?


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Character Upgrade: To have a better gameplay experience in Tap Tap Breaking, your character strength needs to be equal to the complexity of the object you want to break. In the upgrade section, you will see the character’s attributes. It includes strength, health, and health recovery speed per second. All attributes have a close relationship. For example, if you only upgrade the power, forget the health recovery speed. This is because the character will only launch a few attacks before it runs out of health. Therefore, it is better to upgrade all.

Game Modes: In Tap Tap Breaking, there are three game modes. Each game mode comes with a unique style of play. The default is the training mode that I mentioned in the gameplay. The training mode is where you practice and better your karate chops skill. The next one is the challenge mode. That is where you compete in different stages. As you progress in the challenge mode, the difficulty increases, giving you a tough time.

Tap Tap Breaking apk download

Then the Golden Bar is a time trial where you need to finish cutting things within the time limit! You need to prepare more because this mode is limited in time, and you need to wait a minute to replay if you fail.

Graphic: Tap Tap Breaking has a 2D with a nice color blend. Although the graphics look simple, the character’s looks and emotions are detailed. Along with that, you enjoy the entertaining background music, coupled with the sound produced when the character tries to break the object by hand.

Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk Version


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The mod version enables users to enjoy features locked in the original version. Some of these features are mentioned below.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money: With the money you have in this MOD APK version, you can upgrade the strength and health of the character freely. He can break more solid objects and go further in the game to unlock other ultimate things.

Auto Breaking: Pass hard level easier.

No Ads: You will no longer be bothered by ad videos.

Download Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Tap Tap Breaking Mod Apk is what you need if you want to enjoy this game at its entire length. Click on the download button below this article to access the download page. Download the unlimited money mod now and enjoy!Download Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK


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