Stick War: Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk 1.0.20 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Stick War: Hero Tower Defense
UpdatedOct 26, 2022
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Mod Info Unlimited Money
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Stick War: Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk is a puzzle game by Rocket Game Studio. The main goal here is to grow as a warrior, defeat horror, well-armed enemies, and kill their Big Bosses like Wugy, Mommy, Huggy, and Bunzo. 

The game is quite simple to play. Your characters are stick figures with ragdoll elements. Gather those stickmen by your side from the beginning to form different formations and attack the enemy. You need to position your stickmen well so that they can defeat incoming enemies. 

Some NPC characters in the game are capable of being attacked and repelled by them. To prevent them from being conquered, you must overcome a variety of puzzles. For instance, you must take every precaution to safeguard a young princess wyour enemies have taken prisoneries. 

Stick War: Hero Tower Defense Mod Apk is considered one of the best stickman games in the world. The fact that it allows you to be open-minded and strategic about different situations is one of the reasons users love the game. 


The princess of the stickman kingdom has been abducted when this game begins. She is being held captive in a hostile country. Your goal is to save her and return her to your realm.

The enemies must be attacked and captured using your stickman. Therefore, make sure you comprehend their capabilities so you can make use of them.

It has a tower defense design. Your stickmen must be placed to eliminate the most foes possible. The princess can only be saved in this way. Once you’ve defeated all incoming enemies, you will be faced with the Giant Boss before you can get the princess out. This, however, will be quite hard to do as the Giant Boss are far more than stronger. 

The enemy will make a distinctive sound when they die after you kill them. Additionally, each adversary has a distinct death animation. They will either drop off the ledge, be severed from their bodies, or disintegrate.

Drag and Drop Game Strategy

The game requires you to be strategic before successfully moving to the next level. But, it doesn’t end with the tower defense. There’s more to this than you think. 

Using a drag-and-drop gaming mechanic, you can choose the character you want to move. Additionally, you can decide where to launch an assault. The game is more dynamic and enjoyable to play because of this mechanic.

Initially, the stages seem simple, but they will become increasingly difficult. You’ll have to deal with several enemies simultaneously and employ various tactics to beat them. You can also accomplish bonus objectives to earn more rewards. These include defeating a predetermined number of foes, gathering every object in the level, or finishing it in a predetermined amount of time. 

Features Of Stick War: Hero Tower Defense

Strategic Gameplay: I have said it before; it’s all about being strategic. To advance in this game, you need to possess steely nerves. To beat your opponents, you must employ several tactics. The fact that you can develop your plan is the best thing. 

Eye-catching Graphics: Any Android device can play the game thanks to its design. It has straightforward yet excellent graphics that make for an immersive experience. Additionally, the characters are well-designed; however, do not mistake the graphics’ simplicity for their lack of quality. 

Many Obstacles to overcome: Saving the princess is not going to be an easy journey. You will be faced with lots of obstacles on your way. You will need to gather all your strengths to progress in the game. 

Build a Castle: You can also construct your fortress while playing the game. The treasures you find along the route can be used to purchase supplies for your fortress. These consist of barriers like towers and walls.

Stick War: Hero Tower Defense Mod Features

This helps you to enjoy and unlock all the fantastic features of the Stick War: Hero Tower Defense game. Some of the features you get to enjoy when you download the MOD version include; 

  • All Levels Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • All Heroes Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money


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What's new

+ Halloween Events
+ New Stick War Game
+ Fight Your Way
+ More Stylized Actions
+ Enormous Boss Battles


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