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Nowadays, we spend so much time on our phones that we forget to do other things. According to a report released by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children between the age of 8-12 spend about 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens in the U.S. In comparison, teenagers spend 9 hours on average using screens. With apps like Screen Time Apk, you can manage screen time, block apps, and view Web history. 

Screen Time Apk is targeted mostly at the parents. It helps them supervise how their kids use their Android, iOS, and Kindle devices, from one easy-to-use dashboard. To uninstall the app, you will need administrator permissions, meaning only the person who installed it can delete it from your device. In addition, the application requires the password you set when you installed it to do so or to access the advanced options. 

How it works 

Screen Time Apk was developed to help parents monitor their kids’ activities on their devices. You can set how many hours your kids can spend on each app from the options menu. For example, you can set Facebook to be usable for 1 hour daily. Once it exceeds the time limit, it will automatically lock the app. 

Screen Time Apk also allows you to set up a reward system under Parental Control so that performing particular tasks (such as cleaning your room, walking the dog, or doing your chores) would give you more time to use specific applications. That’s a very cool feature. 

Features Of Screen Time Apk 

Analyze your phone time

This application will analyze your kids’ phone usage status and offer solutions. That way, your kids can learn how to balance screen time and have more time to do other offline stuff. 

Concerning your daily mobile usage time, Screen Time Apk specifically shows you how many hours you spend on screen, in which apps, how much time is spent, and how the weekend differs from the middle of the week. 

Give your partner, relatives, and other carers access

You don’t want to do this alone? Screen Time Apk mobile app has something for you. You can invite your partner, parents, or other carers to help manage your child’s screen Time.  

App & Category Limit

You can set a daily usable limit for each app. The app also allows you to set different duration for each day. For example, you can set a different durable duration on weekends. Mobile game apps are likewise subject to this limit setting. 

Screen Time will alert you when you have used all of your allotted usage time for a particular app or game. Following this warning, a page resembling a countdown timer will appear, and when the countdown timer is over, the program will automatically close.

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Download Screen Time APK for Android

For parents concerned about their children spending too much time on their Android smartphones, Screen Time Apk is a very intriguing tool to help you out. Click on the download button below to start enjoying its features. 

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