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UpdatedSep 2, 2022
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Angry Birds is back!!! Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Apk is another remarkable version of the legendary game. The new version comes with more detailed graphics and movement, and the colors have been updated to be bright, smooth, and more refined. Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a meticulous remake of the wildly popular original Angry Birds game, starting from scratch.

Additionally, new bird species, locations, and obstacles have been introduced, offering the player a full challenge and greater enjoyment. The birds fly to the precise target with the assistance of the bow and arrow control screens, eliminating all of the game’s obstacles. The beautiful and amusing emotions of the birds that emerge in this renowned game provide the player with a difficult challenge and a ton of amusement.


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Like in the original Angry Birds, when the piggies take several eggs from the birds in the forest, everything in Rovio Classics: AB is colored. The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. The Angry Birds dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs and set to take them back. However, getting revenge is not an easy task. These pigs are cunning and greedy. They are excellent at concealment. Fat pigs were lurking behind some walled strongholds. There is only one way to get through these barriers and barricades. 


Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Apk game has over 300 levels and 8 episodes. All of the characters from the first game are present this time. But this time, both the appearance and the motion are more abundant. The player’s objective is to make effective shots that breach their defenses by utilizing this trigger power, expert flight judgment, and rational observation. 

To make it easier for players to become acquainted with Rovio Classics: AB Apk, the gameplay mechanics, will not change from the original game. Different logical reasoning, abilities, and strategies are needed to complete each level. The control mechanism is straightforward. You need to drag and drop the suitable shooting angle to shoot immediately. Please carefully align each scenario to get the highest score on each game screen. 

Unlock New Birds With Unique Abilities And Activation 

In Angry Birds, each bird has a distinct look corresponding to its building-destroying prowess or ability to create the most impressive and inventive pigs.


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To employ the birds effectively, players can analyze the weak places of the building and tap on the screen to activate the bird’s powers while in flight. In other words, using birds and having the proper shooting angle will increase the level of destruction to finish each level to the highest degree achievable under the circumstances. 

Progress With Various Levels And Biomes 

Another intriguing feature of the gameplay is the variety of habitats or levels in each location, which impacts the pigs’ structures. To make numerous great shots or properly utilize the talents of the birds, gamers must always ponder or devise new techniques for them. According to the player’s progress, new content will progressively become available, guaranteeing that it will provide them with fresh excitement and a new perspective on difficulties. 

Graphics Quality 

The graphic design of Rovio Classics: AB also left a lasting impression on us. This game does not adhere to the graphics advancements made in more recent goods. 

On the contrary, it keeps the vintage design aesthetic while appearing to have original features and a whimsical flair. The game’s color scheme is excellent, with numerous hues visible on the screen. You will thus perceive the entire visual experience with fluid transition effects. 

Download Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Apk For Android 

The game Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Apk is purely enjoyable, but it also requires a lot of strategies and the player’s logical judgment. Although the gameplay is straightforward, clever, and narrowly focused, it is exciting. Players are enticed to keep playing by the short but interesting game. Click on the download button below to get started.


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What's new

Various bug fixes:
- ME score to 100% on Level 15-4
- Level 1-13 ME can spawn as intended
- Surf & Turf 15-18, birds no longer clip through the ground
- Matilda & Blues, special power SFX swapped
- updated Matilda sprite on main screen
- Golden Eggs: silhouettes appear as intended

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