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The Project Winter game was only available for PC gamers for a long time. However, mobile users can now enjoy the Project Winter game on their Android devices. This article will introduce you to the Project Winter Mobile Apk, the game features, and the download link.


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Project Winter Mobile Gameplay

Project Winter Mobile is a Survival and Social Deduction game inspired by Among Us. that transports you to a wasteland covered in the bitter winter cold. The scope of this game is you meet up with seven other players, of which one or more traitors will be included, and you might just be one of them. This can be very tricky!

Depending on the role you’re given, the goal here is either to find the imposters or to get away. You will have a radio that will allow you to communicate with the other impostors if you are given the role of a traitor. You’ll try to devise a solution to prevent everyone from escaping in the rescue vehicle during these chats. You’ll attempt to thwart all the other characters are doing in the meantime.

If you’re not a traitor, you’ll need to work with other users to complete the above assignments. Additionally, you will always be able to demolish elements to get benefits that will help you endure the bitter weather. Finally, you’ll need to use an escape vehicle, which you must seek out as soon as possible, to escape the traitors. 

Survival factor

Your primary mission in this game is survival. To survive, you need to avoid situations such as your character must not enduring the cold for too long, becoming thirsty or hungry. You need to master the map so well to collect items. Playing the role of a traitor can be more challenging because the Survivor side is not only hiding but also armed to combat the Traitor.


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Set up your shelter

Throughout the game, the hut serves as the primary hiding place and is equipped with several practical items. The first one is a lovely large fireplace that provides a welcome break from the cold. Additionally, there is a workbench where you can use the gathered resources to construct complicated components, fuel, and weapons. 

Customize appearance

Project Winter Mobile allows users to fully customized their main character. So what do you want your character appears to look like? It’s completely up to you. 

In contrast to previous survival games of the same type, the game’s costume concept will be somewhat constrained. Only winter clothing in various hues is present in this game because its backdrop is solely snow-covered mountains. 


The game’s memory usage is quite low compared to its graphics. Characters, objects, and map design are all incredibly captivating. Players can more readily observe the map thanks to the third-person perspective. The surroundings are also incredibly gorgeous, and the character animation is very fluid. 

Download Project Winter Mobile APK for Android

Project Winter Mobile MOD Apk features excellent gameplay and a positive environment. Although this game is also offered for PC and consoles, the controls have been successfully modified for the Android platform. What do you prefer? Being the Survivor and Traitor? Click on the download button to start enjoying the experience. 


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