OBDLink Apk 5.32.0 (OBD car diagnostics)

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UpdatedOct 25, 2022
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OBDLink Apk is an advanced diagnostic scan tool that lets you turn your phone or tablet into a fully functional diagnostic tool by reading diagnostic fault codes, turning off the “Check Engine” light, determining whether emissions are ready, calculating fuel economy, and more. It’s portable, strong, and utilizes Bluetooth LE wireless technology to link to your iPhone or iPad.

The OBDLink will connect to the vehicle’s engine computer and provide you access to internal data. This device can read your car’s computer’s diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). In addition, this device can explain why your car’s Check Engine light is on. OBDLink Apk can read the problem codes from your engine, reset the error codes, and turn off the dashboard “Check Engine” light.


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The OBDLink app is compatible with other adapters such as OBDLink MX+, OBDLink MX Bluetooth, and OBDLink WiFi. Although OBDLink MX+ is simple to install and set up, it also boasts cutting-edge capabilities for techies and auto enthusiasts. For instance, you can record GPS location, mileage, fuel economy, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), raw data, freeze frame data, and more. 


Live data can be graphed using logs. Up to four parameters can be live-graphed. Additionally, you have access to all your logged CSV files, which you can download to Dropbox or browse in Maps.


Maps show a real-time map of your route. A color-coded path can be displayed based on the value of your chosen parameter, such as vehicle speed or fuel efficiency. You can get walking directions and the location of your car when offline. 

Enhanced Diagnostics

Enhanced Diagnostics are available for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Nissan, and Infiniti vehicles are available. Gain access to additional modules such as ABS, Airbag, Transmission, 4×4, and Body Control modules.


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Additionally, you can access thousands of other parameters that are not accessible via normal OBD2. With OBDLink MX+, enhanced diagnostics are free; other OBDLinks need an in-app purchase. 


Dashboards can be customized entirely. You can design your dashboards by choosing the PIDs you want to view. The gauges can also be entirely customized or rapidly switch styles using pre-built templates.

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OBDLink Apk continues to remain the most widely used auto diagnostic scanner worldwide. It enables you to check your car for any faults or errors and resolves them. In addition, it gives you information on all the systems installed in your car and tips on how to improve your vehicle’s performance and monitor fuel usage.


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What's new

Fixed a bug that prevented reading some GM user-defined PIDs and some Nissan enhanced PIDs.

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