Moviebase Mod Apk 3.6.3 (Premium Unlocked)

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UpdatedNov 3, 2022
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We keep seeing the advent of various streaming apps which provide almost the same features for watching movies and TV shows. While each platform provides users with different content depending on their target audience or development company, they also offer different prices for their premium plans. Like Netflix and Hulu, Moviebase Mod Apk is another app that serves the purpose of streaming platforms.  

Moviebase is an app you need to download if you’re looking for an app to watch movies, organize your movie collection, keep track of your viewing habits, and make intelligent movie recommendations. The tool also enables users to set up notifications to receive information on globally significant films, which is even more astounding.


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Moviebase Mod Apk UI also made things easy, unlike other streaming apps. Moviebase makes it easier for users to concentrate on viewing movies by avoiding time-consuming processes, extra features, and complicated user interfaces. Recommendations, rankings, reviews, etc., are all presented in a straightforward, understandable, and searchable manner. Even if you’re using Moviebase for the first time, it will still be simple because most key features are fully integrated on the same application homepage.

Features Of Moviebase Mod Apk 

Movie Finder and Movie Tracker

Regarding keeping up with the latest movies, Moviebase is the best app to help you do this easily. It helps to keep track of tons of movies, series, TV shows, and episodes. In addition, movie reviews, suggestions, actors, and trailers from the extensive community database TMDB are available in the Moviebase Mod Apk app. 

Use Trakt, IMDb, and The Movie Database content after obtaining a license. To help you decide what to watch next, a TV show tracker also provides season and movie ratings. With the help of this software, you may remodel your home screen and add a custom card group.

Home of other online movie-watching applications

You can also watch any TV show on Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime with the aid of Moviebase. Additionally, HBO and Fox are connected to it. This might be referred to as the central hub for all well-known movie-watching applications. Organize, manage, rate, and suggest online movie sources so that movie fans can quickly locate all the series they desire without having to visit each separate movie website.

Vast Collection Of Movies and TV Series

You are provided with various categories on TV, including box office movie guides, accepted movie trailers, top-rated movie collections, and trending movie ratings and reviews. In addition, users get access to it through our inventory collection, which includes Disney and Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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Additionally, you browse a selection of the top games from movie finder, including science fiction and drama. Users can use the movie tracker and TV show tracker apps to access well-known websites and available movies and TV shows on Disney, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. In addition to these options, app users can create their collections of movies, television shows, and other media. In the app, you can follow your favorite character. 

Announcement of upcoming movie content

The app is designed in a way that lets you get notified whenever a new show is coming up. As a result, even if you don’t frequently check into the app, you won’t miss any new content. Users can also find brand-new trailers that are regularly updated along with precise air time. In addition, you can enjoy your favorite movie content by setting up notifications for upcoming films. 

Download Moviebase Mod Apk For Android 

Moviebase Mod Apk is a hub for various TV series and streaming video websites. The application continuously gathers and organizes movies, making it simple to look for, find, and keep track of your preferred films without missing any installments.


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What's new

* New fresh typography in our app
* Support of Android 13
* Update translations

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