Little Big Snake Mod Apk 2.6.70 (VIP Unlocked, No Ads)

App Name Little Big Snake
UpdatedOct 24, 2022
Size150.04 MB
Mod Info VIP Unlocked
category Android Games
Price Free
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Little Big Snake Mod Apk (VIP Unlocked, No Ads) is the unlocked version that gives users access to VIP features without a subscription. Feel free to download this game from our site!

Snake games are one of the most popular games in java games. If you are a fan of the famous Snake Xenzia, you will defiantly find this game very interesting. This game is the perfect replica of this popular game but with improved features and optimization.


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About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake Mod Apk

Little Big Snake is a casual game developed by Lowtech Studios and has gained over 10 million downloads on Google Playstore. This game can be regarded as the upgraded version of It comes with some improved features uncommon in snake games. The real-time multiplayer features make it even more enjoyable. The gameplay is very suitable for both adults and kids. It’s the kind of game you can play for hours without getting bored.

In this game, you play the role of a snake whose only goal is to get bigger. Living in an environment where the strong have control, everyone wants to be big so that they won’t be intimidated. Players need to move quickly and skillfully to not collide with other snakes in the arena. Try to eat every food in the arena and the little opponent to become bigger. These foods are bright spots, ladybugs, or even competitors that are not as big as you.

Little Big Snake

Snake your way through various competitions to complete missions, upgrade your skills and destroy other players. First, devour nectar and energy left by opponents to increase your size, skills, and abilities. Then, smash your way up the food chain as you evolve into the ultimate Little Big Snake.


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Challenge other players daily to become the giant snake in the pit. First, destroy your enemies by sneaking around them and having them smash into you. Then, eat the yummy nectar left in their wake and collect keys, artifacts, and other items to unlock levels, missions, and allies.

Tips to Win Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake Mod Apk

If you want to become the giant snake in the pit, here are some tips to help you.

  1.  Avoid Collision – Like other snake games, you have to be careful and conscious of the environment. Stay clear of other snakes in the pit. One of the best ways to get bigger faster is to get other snakes to hit you with their head. Likewise, other opponents will beat you by making your head connect with any part of their snake’s body.
  2. Upgrade – The growth of your snakes does not only depend on eating. You can also upgrade them with gold and increase their growth. This gives you more advantage over your opponents. Upgrade your snake wisely, and don’t spend gold on needless upgrades, especially if you are not using the Vip version. Play for the long-haul and not for immediate benefits, and you’ll continually find yourself becoming the giant snake in no time!
  3. Watch ads for bonuses – if you are using the official version of this game, you have to watch ads for rubies and keys. This unlocks certain bonuses like more lives and VIP upgrades. The ads are about 1min long. You can choose not to watch them if you like. Alternatively, you can download Little Big Snake Mod Apk from our site. It comes with no ads and also provides you with VIP access. The download link is available below this post.

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Download Little Big Snake Mod Apk (VIP, No Ads) For Android


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This modded version of Little Big Snake has been unlocked to give users access to the VIP version without an initial subscription. This game is exciting, especially when played with friends. So download and enjoy this game on your android devices.

Mod Features

  • Vip Unlocked
  • No Ads

VIP Benefits

  • No advertising
  • Use one more life for free
  • Open two more treasures for free
  • Free key
  • Snakes are more unique thanks to the royal mark
  • Chat with friends
  • Activate the bubble


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