Little Ant Colony Mod Apk 3.4.1 (Unlimited Food/DNA/Sugar)

UpdatedAugust 1, 2021
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Little Ant Colony Mod Apk is an addictive casual game developed by Gismart. This modded version of Little Ant Colony comes with Unlimited Food, DNA, and Sugar. Download and enjoy this game on your smartphone.

Little Ant Colony Mod Apk
Little Ant Colony


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If you search for an easy, stress-free game to play in your free time, then you should consider Little Ant Colony. This game is suitable for both adults and kids. All you do in this game is to lead a colony of ants with the task of collecting all available food and bringing it back to their hole.

About Little Ant Colony

Even though ants are tiny animals, they are the most hardworking species. There are estimated over one quadrillion ants worldwide, with over 12,000 species scattered across different parts of the globe. These tiny creatures feed on leftovers, especially surgery stuff. And that is what Little Ant Colony is all about!

In this game, you will enjoy collecting leftovers like pizzas, fries, chickens, and many more. As you know, ants tiny creatures. They cant carry this food at once. They can only have little bits of food at a time, increasing your numbers and strength if you want to make money. You can do this by upgrading them with your money from collecting food.

Grow your Ant Colony

Start with just one lonely ant, but as you eat through this idle game, you add more ants to your colony. And more ants means more income & rewards. Become a successful Ants farmer in this unique and fun game. Collect bits of food on the ground using your ants and try to grow their numbers and strength over time. It’s so fun!

little ant colony apk Gameplay
little ant colony

Different food and items

You get to collect several food and items in Little Ant Colony. From chicken, biscuits, pizzas, fries, and even a dollar bill! Ants are hardworking creatures and are not choosy when it comes to food so try to collect as many as you can to earn money.

Little Ant Colony Mod Apk Gameplay


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Ants are relentless hard workers. They don’t get tired quickly and can work for an extended period without getting tired. While this is not enough in this game, you have to make them work harder by upgrading. You can increase the max limit for food storage, fast refill, food upgrade, Ant power, and grow ant. To upgrade these stats, you must collect lots of food and take an extended period. Alternatively, you can download Little Ant Colony Mod Apk. It comes with Unlimited Food, DNA, and Sugar.

Maps and skins

In Little Ant Colony, there are many locations to get food. At the start of this game, you’ll start in the jungle, where there is scattered food on the ground all the time. After that, you will proceed to another location after completing each stage. There are also skins available to unlock in Little Ant Colony. Each skin represents an ant colony.

Download Little Ant Colony Mod Apk (Unlimited Food/DNA/Sugar)

Little Ant Colony Mod Apk is the modded version of this Little Ant Colony. This version comes with modified features such as DNA, Unlimited Food, and Sugar, making you enjoy the game even more.


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