Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod Apk 13.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
UpdatedNov 1, 2022
Size140.41 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Money increase when spent!
category Adventure
Price Free
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What does it feel like to be a Hollywood star? You’re about to find out. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod Apk is a game that lets you play the role of a Hollywood star. In this game, you are living the life of a Hollywood star. Gathering lots of fans is your primary aim while playing this game. 

Kim Kardashian has become one of the most successful Hollywood stars ever known. She’s famous not only for her success in the Hollywood industry or her businesses but, more importantly, because of her lifestyle. This inspired Glu Mobile to develop this game which was released on 24 June 2014.


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More About Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod Apk is a fun-based Hollywood game. The main goal here is to live a life like a celebrity, travel around the world, connect with fans, make more friends, take part in concerts and go on tour, participate in a fashion club, and create your all-famous star with its own unique story. A big part of this game’s success comes from the Hollywood star Kim Kardashian and, of course, the game’s content. 

In the game, you have a reputation for being a talented fashion designer who consistently creates flawless products. Additionally, you are a skilled businessperson who understands how to invest, work hard, and work daily.


Think of the kind of life you would love to live if you were a Hollywood star. Entering the game, players will have to choose their story. At first, you will be playing the role of an unknown person. Your goal is to be like your idol, Kim Kardashian. How are you going to do that? That’s exactly what you’re going to be doing in the game. 

No doubt, the path to becoming an A-list star is not going to be an easy one. Although they require a lot of effort to complete, the game’s activities are vital. They will provide the player with perks and experience in exchange. You will level up more quickly if others at work greatly value your character.


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In contrast to other role-playing games, you must participate in each dialogue. Playing the game becomes more authentic as a result. For example, you run across Kim Kardashian, who notices you and invites you to join her. And by doing so, you can get there more quickly. 

Create your character

The game lets you customize your character. You can dress up in designer fashion for a fresh celebrity look. Choose from the hundreds of skin, hairstyles, skirts, and fashion accessories available for you in this game. 

People often make a popular misconception about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod Apk. You are not playing as Kim Kardashian, rather. She will be your guide in this game. 

Graphics Quality 

The Hollywood industry is also highlighted by contemporary graphic design. The game’s graphics were entirely created using real-life celebrities as inspiration. As a result, it draws gamers quickly, particularly young individuals. 

Additionally, the game’s context and transition effects range widely, including establishments like restaurants, red carpets, retail boutiques, and other intriguing locations. Overall, everything is straightforward but complete enough for phone play. 

Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mod Apk 

Although the game has some in-app purchases you make while playing, you can download the Mod version below to access all the features for free. 


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