Infinite Painter Mod Apk 7.0.28 (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Infinite Painter
UpdatedNov 2, 2022
Size137.83 MB
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
category Android Apps
Price Free
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Digital painting is becoming a thing a lot of people talk about nowadays. One could understand why so many painters or artists are drawn toward digital painting software; it’s much easier and less expensive than traditional drawing methods. With apps like Infinite Painter Mod Apk, artists/painters can unleash their creativity. 

Infinite Painter is everything an artist needs to start drawing. It’s as if it was designed to help beginners get more creative. Its intuitive user interface was designed to simplify users’ experience while using the app. Users can quickly create finished pieces of art from simple lines and cubes using robust tools provided by the infinite painter mod apk app.


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The app has many unique features to help you get more creative. It also features hundreds of built-in brushes, rotating and flipping canvas with gestures, and other robust, powerful toolsets. 

Features Of Infinite Painter

Diversifying Tools

There’s nothing much you can do if you’re not provided with enough tools. With the tools available in the infinite painter mod apk app, you can create amazingly stunning drawings. The Cityscapes 3D tool, which has five instructions covering various angles, makes 3D drawing easier. You can also include special effects in your pictures, such as embossing, blurring, and inner and outer glossing. In addition, the app’s UI was designed to help user draw more effectively and faster. 

In addition, you may import image files from your computer’s library, camera, or the internet and edit them somewhat using a brush to create a fun, original image. Infinite Painter Mod Apk also focuses on the text aspect of drawing. It has made editing tools and templates available, so users can make the text look more professional. 

Import and export 

PSD layers are simple to import and export with Infinite Painter. Images can be exported in various formats, including PNG, JPEG, PSD, and even ZIP. You can enjoy making all kinds of artwork, illustrations, and graphics here. 

Easy-to-use UI 

The simple and smooth interface makes the infinite painter mod apk app stand out from other digital painting apps. You can easily pick up any tool with just a few taps! You can quickly zoom in and rotate your canvas with this software by pinching, dragging, and swiping the screen. You can also edit, clone, and paint right here.


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The way the tools are organized and placed in the UI makes us think of Procreate. Given that the tools won’t protrude beyond your digital canvas, you can quickly reach everything. 

Free to compose with fewer procedures

Infinite Painter Mod Apk app constantly strives to reduce control operations to maximize picture modification and assist users in completing tasks quickly and conveniently with the fewest possible operations. In any situation, you can accomplish this.

Infinite Painter Premium Unlocked

Users can use Infinite Painter in two ways, either as a free user or a premium subscriber. Naturally, the premium version of Infinite Painter is highly recommended, but if you can’t afford it, you can simply settle for the mod apk version.

Infinite Painter Mod Apk allows you to enjoy the features mentioned above without a premium subscription. You can download the mod apk version below.

Download Infinite Painter Mod Apk For Android 

You can use Infinite Painter’s simple, user-friendly interface with only a few touches. Despite being only a smartphone software, it gives users the impression that they are drawing with actual paint and brushes. In addition to the wonderful benefits listed above, this is one of the most affordable design tools you may use for a long time. 


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What's new

Several minor bug fixes


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