High Heels MOD APK 3.6.8 (Unlimited Diamonds, No Ads)

App Name High Heels
UpdatedOct 20, 2022
Size192.84 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Diamonds
category Action
Price Free
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High Heels MOD APK is a fun multi-platform action game with pleasant gameplay. For a better gameplay experience, the High Heels modded version comes with Unlimited Money, and you can play the game without ads. So download and enjoy this game on your android devices.

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High Heels MOD APK


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Introducing High Heels

High Heels is a funny multi-platform game developed by Zynga. This game is currently the 4th favorite app on Android and making headlines on Tiktok. So far, High heels have become the favorite game of most iPhone users. And it is currently number one on the iPhone. Thanks to its addictive gameplay.

Are you wondering why this game is called High Heels? Here is your answer! Typically, this game is about wearing High Heels and scaling hurdles. You play as a continuously walking in a sashay manner, stacking high heels to get over obstacles that progressively eliminate your heels. This might sound silly, but it has a bunch of new vibes!

Complete Levels

Do you think wearing high heels is hard? What about scaling obstacles in it. This game comes with tons of levels to play. Each level goes on with increasing difficulty and density of obstacles. To keep going, you have to overcome several obstacles on the runway. The best way to avoid the barriers is to wear “high enough” heels. Not the regular heels you on models. These heels are as tall as whatever tall means to you.

High Heels APK levels


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Before mastering this game, you will trip and fall on your face several times. Also, collect as many heels as you can. You can quickly jump obstacles without tripping if your heels are high enough.

Collect different bodies, jewels, and heels

In High Heels, you have the chance to unlock various items such as heels, jewels, and bodies. There is quite a lot to open. There are several bodies with different faces and skin colors. Also, there are unique heels that you can use. Then, you can also enhance your character with jewels such as a crown, bracelets, and even wings!

High Heels Latest VersionMOD APK

Fortunately, High Heels MOD APK gives you unlimited Diamonds, which you can use to unlock and upgrade several items.

Fun gameplay with smooth graphics


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This game has superb graphics and animation that you won’t get tired of looking at. In addition, the courses are designed on top of buildings to give you more significant challenges. Overall, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this game’s nice visuals.

High Heels MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds, No Ads)

Wearing High Heels is hard talkless of running obstacle curse in it. But, if you think you have what it takes, download High Heels MOD APK to find out.


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What's new

Better gameplay experience with the optimization feature!
New Levels!
New Obstacles!
BUG and CRASH fixes!

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