Hibernator Pro Apk 2.26.3 (Unlocked)

App Name Hibernator Pro
UpdatedNov 9, 2022
Size11.1 MB
Mod Info Unlocked
category Android Apps
Price Free
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When you run too many apps simultaneously on your Android device, it causes its system to lag or run out of battery very fast. Using an app like Hibernator Pro Apk helps you improve your system performance and reduce battery drain by closing apps automatically every time the screen is off.


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About Hibernator Pro

It works by scanning and monitoring all the available apps on your system and ensures you enjoy a decent overall performance even when running many apps simultaneously. Hibernator Pro is a very automated app. It will automatically close any open apps. You are saving time and energy and preventing tedious manual closing activities from being repeated. 

Hibernator Pro Apk has many incredible features, including a user-friendly interface, optimized hardware, automated hibernation, sophisticated settings, and many more, which we will discuss later in this article. In addition, this app enables a task killer function that way; you can clear all the unknown processes and tasks. Start using the app by allowing it on your device and watch how your device’s overall performance increases. 

Features Of Hibernator Pro Apk 

Intuitive interface

Know your device’s overall performance directly from the app’s home screen. Then you can go ahead to make changes accordingly. Hibernator Pro Apk is designed with a well-organized interface that helps users to customize its functions. 

The app’s settings are divided into three modes. The first mode is for choosing colors or presets, the second is for selecting sounds, and the last is for the main tab, where you can get all other options. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, you can see the apps that drain most of your phone battery and know how much RAM your phone is using just by using the Hibernator Pro Apk.  

Boost your device with an optimized state

The hibernator Pro Apk is to improve your device’s overall performance and reduce battery drainage, which does this very well. In addition, hibernator Pro Apk helps users enjoy a lag-free experience by providing effective RAM optimizations. 

Additionally, by doing this, the application can free up unused RAM on your system. 

It helps cool down CPU temperature. 

Hibernator Pro Apk cools down CPU temperature by reducing its usage. Of course, that is a great feature. But, come to think of it, your device can stay relatively cool and improve its longevity. 

Effective task killer


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While your device screen is off, the hibernator scans to check for services and tasks running in the background, automatically closing all apps and reducing battery drainage. 

Download Hibernator Pro Apk For Android

With the help of hibernator Pro Apk, Android users can now enjoy a lag-free experience on their devices. This app is handy for those running lots of applications at the same time. In addition, it helps you regulate to suit your overall system performance.

Mod Features

Premium Unlocked: Access to the Hibernator pro version requires a premium subscription. However, the app has been modified to allow users to enjoy all premium features without an initial subscription.


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What's new

Fixed bugs.

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