Head Model Studio Mod Apk 1.1.16 (Premium Unlocked)

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UpdatedOct 20, 2022
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Drawing portraits requires excellent technical skills. In addition to mastering the most complex three-dimensional shape, you must accurately convey character and feeling because people judge things very subjectively. With great tools, you can achieve this in minutes. That’s why Head Model Studio Mod Apk is our pick for achieving portrait drawing. 

Head Model Studio Mod Apk is the most effective mobile app for learning about faces and studying them more deeply. With an app like this, you can examine the characteristics of faces in great detail, from the most elemental planes to the most complex geometries, and improve your sketches.


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Head Model Studio comes with more than 25 different models. The app lets you expand your knowledge with five classical models, from the simplest to more detailed models. Moreover, you get to be in total control over the 3D models. You can Zoom, tilt, and rotate to study each model part at will. 

The primary purpose of this application is to offer users a wide range of helpful content, such as theory lessons, tools, planes, geometry, and other practical tasks, to help them design more attractive portraits. In addition, they are meant to increase the user’s speed at drawing portraits.

Features Of Head Model Studio

Easy-to-control interface

A well-organized interface is critical, especially when using drawing and painting applications. This is one of the advantages of using Head Model Studio. Its features are well arranged on the main screen for easy navigation. 

The first time you use this application, you shouldn’t have too many issues getting used to it and utilizing it. As a result, every piece of information is graphically presented, making users feel at ease when accessing. The screen’s predominant dark tone also helps showcase 3D models and practical elements. 

Learn how to draw artistic portraits

Drawing artistic portraits goes beyond just drawing; it needs to meet certain factors. It has to showcase the character’s feelings. With the help of Head Model Studio Mod Apk, you can quickly combine all of your portrait drawing skills. While ensuring adequate information on the screen, every report is presented briefly and understandable. You must learn, observe, try, and practice to sense your improvement.

Environmental & Studio Lighting 

Understanding the art of lighting will help determine which light source is best for your artistic work. Then, switch to studio lighting to build stunning lighting compositions with numerous spotlights and various hues.


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Any angle or intensity of lighting can be changed. Perfect for understanding tones and studying the planes of the cranium. You can use natural or artificial light, depending on your preference. Recreate a sunrise, lunchtime, or sunset illumination using realistic environmental lighting based on HDR images. 

Apply the classic Loomis & Asaro method

The Loomis & Asaro methodologies inspired the idea behind Head Model. More than 25 different models, including two free models, are available from Head Model. Understanding the face’s planes can ease you from simple to more intricate models. In addition, five traditional methods will help you grow your profession. 

Download Head Model Studio Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) For Android 

Overall, Head Model Studio Mod apk is crucial for people who want to get better at drawing portraits. This is because every piece of information, no matter how basic or detailed, is made to be incredibly intuitive so that anyone can understand it. 


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What's new

• New Asian male model.
• Fix a bug when restoring saved scenes.
• You can now tap the scene to close the navigation.

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