Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells MOD APK (Unlimited PowerUps)

App Name Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells
UpdatedOct 12, 2022
Mod Info Unlimited Power Ups
category Android Games
Price Free
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Download Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells MOD APK (Unlimited PowerUps) to explore the magical world and exciting gameplay. This modded version comes with unlimited PowerUps, which gives you a higher chance of winning. Download now!

About Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

harry potter puzzles spells


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Harry Potter fans indeed get so much from this title, from just a novel to a movie and an android puzzle game. Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a match-three puzzle game developed by Zynga. If you are a fan of match-3 puzzle games like Merge Magic, you will find this game interesting. It’s time to experience the magic and wonder of Harry Potter like never before!

Match-3 matching puzzles for your mobile device
Match-3 matching puzzles

Prepare to cast spells, outsmart challenges, and celebrate the whimsy of the Wizarding World. Become enchanted by incredible magical Match-3 matching puzzles for your mobile device! Prove your Match-3 skill by beating levels to upgrade and unlock new spells and magic abilities, which will aid your quest to conquer more difficult Match-3 puzzles. In addition, you get a chance to upgrade your spells as you prepare for the magically mischievous Match-3 challenges ahead.


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As you progress in your Match-3 adventure, unlock classic moments from the films. Including Harry, Ron, and Hermione toppling trolls, Fred & George playing pranks, and Hagrid taking care of his magical creatures at Hogwarts! Learn more about the wonders of the Wizarding World and Hogwarts as you collect magical creatures that will aid your Match-3 puzzle solving! So get ready to ‘swish and flick your way to a magical journey of your very own in a whimsical Match-3 game!

Match-3 matching puzzles
Match-3 challenges

Solve Match-3 challenges featuring the original Wizarding World characters from the Harry Potter films! Also, develop your magic skills by progressing through the innovative Match-3 puzzles. Furthermore, you’ll master Spells and enjoy an endless array of Daily Events that continue to delight and surprise even very adept Match-3 puzzle experts.

Features of Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

  • Level-up Your Abilities – Earn experience points throughout the game to increase your level, unlock rewards and gain magic abilities that assist you in overcoming each new Match-3 puzzle.
  • Unlock & Upgrade Spells – Use Spells to beat Match-3 puzzles by obliterating obstacles and removing hazards. For example, cast Wingardium Leviosa to move objects out of your way.
  • Celebrate the Magic of Harry Potte – As you solve imaginative Match-3 puzzles, celebrate the most memorable moments from the Harry Potter stories. Along the way, the Daily Prophet will keep you up to date with Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they progress on their epic journey at Hogwarts!
  • Amass Glorious Collections – As you progress in your Match-3 mastery, you’ll be ever gaining a collection of marvelous Wizarding World creatures that aid you in solving challenging Match-3 puzzles. Work on your collection and receive a marvelous creature that will deliver benefits that directly assist you as you solve challenging Match-3 puzzles.
  • Enjoy Daily Events – Take part in new and exciting events every day! Celebrate characters’ Birthdays, and upgrade spells as you witness a multitude of magical Harry Potter moments!
  • Graphics – Not just about the interesting gameplay! Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells come with stunning colorful 3D graphics. All game elements are designed with the user in mind. Beautiful stones, eye-catching magical lighting effects, color spells, cut-scenes videos, and original character from the Harry Potter movies series.

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Download Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells MOD APK (Unlimited PowerUps)


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Candy Crush is one of the most popular match-3 games. Harry Potter Puzzles & Spells MOD APK is the right pick if you wish to enjoy similar gameplay with extra sauce. Aside from the exciting gameplay, this mod version comes with additional features that make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited PowerUps (After you finish puzzle 13, you will have unlimited PowerUps)


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What's new

Prepare to revel in the Halloween Season with the latest release from Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells!
-Unlock our newest Magical Creature, the Thestral, in Halloween at Hogwarts, a new Puzzle Pass Season!
-Play the Fantastic Beasts Celebration Event to unlock the Fire Crab!
-Dive deeper into the story than ever before with all new Player Journey puzzles and Pensieve Memories!
-Play new Spell Upgrade Opportunity Puzzles!


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