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UpdatedOct 6, 2020
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If you think you’ve played all the hardest games in the world, try playing Getting over it with Bennett Foddy first. You will have complete freedom of movement in this rather unusual simulator game with physics elements, but your main objective will be to climb to the top of the mountain. 

This will be extremely challenging because half of your hero’s body is in a cast-iron tub, making it necessary for you to move around with a pickaxe, and the path is made up of several stones, boulders, and rock fragments. However, you will not only receive a reward when you reach the summit of the mountain, but you will also learn the solutions to the questions that the authors hid.

Despite its sketchy gameplay design, this game’s realistic physics mechanism makes players irresponsible and prone to failure. Yet, incredibly, a game with basic or ordinary graphics can spark a global trend and receive tens of millions of downloads in a matter of days. 


You will be given a character: a naked guy trapped in a jar and a sledgehammer. You must control your character to climb the mountain with the sledgehammer in the journey to find his lost pants. However, you will be faced with a lot of obstacles on your way. You’re only provided with a hammer to get past the obstacles. 

To move as far along the path as possible, you must hook this hammer to any nearby surface, such as branches or cliffs. It’s easy to say but try playing it… you will be astonished. 

Because of the danger and height of the cliffs and obstacles, the game is challenging. You risk becoming trapped for a few days without a smart move strategy. But, on the other hand, you can go off the cliff and have to start climbing again with just a few missteps. 

How to Play

Your goal in the game is to overcome every challenge and ascend to the top of the mountain, which marks the conclusion of this engaging game. The game has straightforward controls where you use the hammer to advance. 

You must first drive your hammer into something and then pull or push yourself to move. A player can use a joystick and touch controls with this game. However, you can only learn how to play the game using the controls.

Clear All the Obstacles On The Way

The odd positions that seem sealed in a jar with only the upper torso protruding make players feel absurd. He must endure the tests of death on the dangerous heights. Unfortunately, you will tumble down the mountain if you do not grab onto the rock. 

You must restart the climbing procedure as well. The most amusing part is when he spends several days trapped between two rocks. Because of this, the player needs to have quick reflexes and climb back up the mountain. You chuckle for him as you watch him crawl up to climb the other rock in a frustrated and downcast state. It will take a lot of time to recover from mistakes. Therefore, players must be intensely focused on the game to avoid them. 

Graphics Quality

The game’s graphics are amazing sketches. The colors appear to be beautiful and realistic. The act of playing this game is quite difficult. However, the game’s aspects are also incredibly authentic and natural.

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Download Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy APK for Android

If you seem to enjoy the gameplay and plot so far, and you will like to try your hands on the game — Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Apk, or you like to challenge yourself by playing hard games. Then you should download the Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy Apk For Android and start enjoying the gaming experience. 

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