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UpdatedAugust 1, 2022
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FlixTV APK is a free streaming app where you can watch popular series, movies, and tv shows without payment or subscriptions. This review will teach you more about FlixTv features and access the download link for FlixTV APK’s latest version, 2022.

There are many movie streaming services out there. Popular ones like NetFlix, HBO, and Amazon Prime require monthly subscriptions even when they can’t satisfy your entertainment needs. Especially these days, you can’t get the latest movies except subscribe to 2 to 3 streaming services, resulting in several monthly subscriptions.

FlixTV APK Latest Version

But if you are looking for better streaming apps, FlixTV is what you need to satisfy your needs. The app does not just give access to free movies and shows but also live tv channels worldwide.


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More About FlixTV

FlixTV is a product of GL33CH3R Development. The app hosts thousands of web series, movies, and tv shows in its database. With this app, you will access past and latest movies on the go. Furthermore, new movies are added frequently, so users won’t miss out on new releases.

Moreover, you can find movies in popular categories such as Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, romance, and many more. In addition to categories, FlixTv Apk also comes with a smart recommendation system that suggests movies or shows for you based on your interest. So, if you can’t decide what to watch in your free time, you can rely on FlixTV App to give you the best.

Features FlixTV

Below, we’ve mentioned some of the features of FlixTv.

FlixTV APK Download

Smart Recommendation: the app algorithmically suggests the best movies for you based on your past watch history. With this, you will get the best movie recommendation and won’t worry about what to watch next. For example, if you previously watched The Boys, Avengers: End Game, the app will understand that you like comics, fiction, and sci-fi movies.


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Live TV channels: another feature that gives the app some uniqueness is that users can watch live Tv channels worldwide from the app. Live TV channels include news, sports, documentaries, and many more.

Download & Watch later: On Flix Tv, you can download movies to watch later. This means you can rewatch download movies without needing an internet connection.

FlixTV app Latest Version

Watch on Big Screen: Furthermore, the FlixTv app allows you to cast movies on bigger screens, giving you a cinematic experience without even going to the cinema. You can also install flixTv on firestick.

Alternative apps

Is FlixTV Safe?


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There is a lot of debate surrounding the safety of streaming services like FlixTV. Some people argue that these services are safe to use, while others claim they seriously threaten our privacy and security. So, what is the truth? Is FlixTV safe to use, or should we be worried about using it?

There is no easy answer to this question. On the one hand, FlixTV does have security and privacy features that make it a safe option for streaming. On the other hand, there have been some reports of security and privacy breaches on the platform. Overall, it seems that FlixTV is a safe streaming option, but some risks are associated with using it.

FlixTV APK Latest Version Download for Android 2022

FlixTV is a streaming service that offers a great selection of movies and TV shows. It is a great alternative to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The FlixTV APK is the official app for the service and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or click the download button below.


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