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UpdatedAug 19, 2022
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FINAL FANTASY Apk is a paid game that costs about $10 on google play. Here, we’ve shared the download link FINAL FANTASY Apk. You can now download and install it on your android devices without payments.

Final Fantasy Apk download


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Introducing Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a video game series developed and published by Square Enix. Final Fantasy is a Japanese role-playing game series that focuses on fantasy and science fantasy themes, with gameplay, settings, and tales that vary between each entry while maintaining gameplay and plot aspects.

Final Fantasy remains one of the most significant video game franchises. Also one of the most diverse. Since the release of the first Final Fantasy game on the NES, the series has experimented and developed, frequently setting new standards for whole genres. As a result, no two numbered Final Fantasy games are the same, whether due to fresh locales and characters or drastically different fighting systems.

Beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the series has been made available on a wide range of devices, including gaming consoles, personal computers, mobile operating systems, and game streaming services. In addition, the franchise has expanded into various media, including movies, books, and comics. 

Since then, the franchise has expanded into various video game genres, including tactical role-playing, action role-playing, massively multiplayer online role-playing, racing, third-person shooter, fighting, and rhythm. 

Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s flagship title and best-selling video game series, with 130 million units sold (including revenue from mobile releases and MMO subscriptions). In addition, it has impacted popular culture, especially in popularizing the console RPG genre outside of Japan. 


Final Fantasy Apk Latest Version

The ensemble battles an adversary that seeks to conquer or destroy the world while dealing with its challenges in Final Fantasy’s most basic plots. The characters frequently form a slight resistance against one or more powerful entities, and they all have unique goals within their groupings. 


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As the characters struggle for all they value, there is an air of desperation. Final Fantasy III or Final Fantasy V are examples of games with generally lighthearted plots. In contrast, Final Fantasy II or Final Fantasy VII are examples of games with darker, more somber stories. 

However, many games, including Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XIV, have a mixture of these two types of stories.


Though there are some exceptions, the Final Fantasy series often gives the player control of several characters in a party. The player will gradually equip the party with additional skills and weapons to defeat more formidable foes. In Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XI, enemies were no longer randomly met when exploring. 

During battles, the user gives commands to specific characters, such as “Fight,” “Magic,” and “Item,” via a menu-driven interface. The games have employed different battle systems throughout the series. For example, the protagonists and enemies were on opposing sides of the battlefield in turn-based fights before Final Fantasy XI. 

Final Fantasy Apk


Yoshitaka Amano handled character concept art from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy VI. He also handled logo and promotional image designs for games that came after. From Final Fantasy VII on, Tetsuya Nomura took his place (except for Final Fantasy XII, which Akihiko Yoshida handled, and Final Fantasy IX, which Shuk Murase, Toshiyuki Itahana, and Shin Nagasawa handled). 


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For later games, a different strategy was used; the plot was finished first, and the game was designed around it. Consistency has never placed limitations on designers, although most agree that any game should share at least some basic components. 

The development teams try to avoid developing new games similar to previously released ones and create unique worlds for each game. Early in the production process, game locales are imagined, and design features like building pieces are fleshed out as a foundation for whole constructions. 


Character development controls how player characters pick up new skills and improve their attributes. Unfortunately, character growth mechanisms are less standardized throughout the series than fighting systems. Therefore, players must internalize the systems to make the right choices. 

The level-based system, in which characters gain experience points through winning battles to improve their attributes and occasionally learn new skills, has been the only consistent method of character development employed in the series.

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Download FINAL FANTASY Apk 1.0.4 (Paid for Free) For Android


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What's new

■ Bug fixes The following bugs have been fixed. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that these issues may have caused. *Sometimes it was possible to perform specific inputs when disembarking from a boat, that resulted in the characters disembarking into the sea and preventing further progress. Fixes to other minor bugs. Further updates are planned in future.


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