EDGE MASK MOD APK 3.0.4 (No Ads)

UpdatedOct 7, 2022
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Seeing the same notification bar panel can sometimes be boring. EDGE MASK Mod Apk allows you to customize your notification bar and change the color of your screen. With EDGE MASK, your notification panel can be converted into an edge-lit one with various colors and effects. 


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The app has amazing effects such as Edge lighting wave, Edge lighting, Hello lighting, and Punch hole lighting. Add style to your notification panel and make it more interesting to look at. You may further personalize it by modifying the border’s size and color in the app’s settings. The border is black by default. You can achieve the same result for notifications with other EDGE MASK MOD APK effects, giving your device’s UI a unified look. However, you can choose it from the options menu if you decide for any reason that you don’t want borders on a specific app. Except for the apps you’ve excluded, the border shows on all screens. 


Seeing the same notification panel can be boring for someone who likes to bring on the vibes. Using EDGE MASK will help you add life to your notification setting. The app offers more customization settings and is very easy to use. 

The settings are relatively easy to understand and use. Different edge lighting types and mask effects are available for you to pick from. The app’s functions can also be enabled or disabled at any moment. It is the best tool to customize your phone and set it apart from the competition. You can display your uniqueness and preferences in this way.

Edge Lighting

This feature helps you to add a glowing effect to the edges of your screen, giving your phone a more upscale, high-end appearance. Applying the Edge lighting effect is the primary function of this app. This tells the user of an incoming notification. 

You can select from various edge lighting designs using the app. The light’s color, intensity, and duration can all be altered. You can also color-code up to 5 contacts, instantly recognizing who is contacting you.

Easy-to-use User Interface 


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EDGE MASK application is designed with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you won’t have trouble using Edge Mask even if you are unfamiliar with such apps. The user interface is simple, and all the capabilities are accessible with a few clicks. 

Round Borders

You can give your phone rounded corners using this application. This softens its appearance and makes it seem more fragile. Additionally, it enlarges the appearance of the screen on your phone. 

Always on Display Support

This feature is commonly available on Samsung phones. However, this app enables the AOD feature on your phone. Thanks to this feature, you can view the time and date even when your phone is off. By doing so, you can conserve battery life while maintaining time access.

Mod Apk Version of EDGE MASK

The mod version of EDGE MASK allows users to use the app without ads and in-app purchases.

Download EDGE MASK MOD APK For Android 

EDGE MASK comes with a paid feature. For those who can’t afford it, downloading the modded version made available for you on this site is the best available option. This will give you access to all its premium features. The EDGE MASK MOD APK also removes all ads allowing you to customize your notification without interruption.


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Dynamic island 2 style added
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