Dice Dreams Mod Apk (Unlimited Rolls)

App Name Dice Dreams
UpdatedOct 17, 2022
Size162.82 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Rolls
category Android Games
Price Free
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Dice Dreams Mod Apk is a competitive game based on dice rolling mechanics. The rolling of dice will determine what actions you can take against your enemies. Additionally, by moving the dice, you have a chance to obtain extra licenses for damaging activities like bombing another player’s island or robbing one of their buildings.

As usual, on theladmods.com, you can download Dice Dreams Mod Apk, which allows you to get unlimited rolls.

The gameplay of Dice Dreams Apk is quite similar to that of Coin Master, just that, in this case, you roll dice to determine your next moves instead of classic slot machines in the case of Coin Master. In addition, the controls in this game are not at all complicated; just tap on the screen to roll three dice.


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Depending on the numbers that come up, you’ll be able to obtain money, engage in combat with your adversaries, or covertly plunder their towns. You’ll need to upgrade your stronghold using the cash you earn as you play in addition to attacking foes. Of course, you can keep even more wealth as your stronghold is upgraded. The game has lots of fun to offer. Connect your account to your Facebook account to play with other Facebook users. Play dice games on a magical board, steal coins, attack friends, create an epic kingdom, and set off on an exciting adventure! 


The story is based on Bob, who returned to his kingdom after a journey visiting the Piggy King. On his arrival, he found out his home had been attacked. So Bob decided to face his enemies and get his home back. To do this, he has to roll the dice and clash with his enemies head-on. So his other peons joined him on a journey to restore his kingdom, exact revenge, and reclaim their rightful place as the Kings of the hyper-magical dice board.

You must pick the building you believe contains the greatest treasure each time you attack an enemy’s city. Dice Dreams will alert the victim of your attack so they can exact revenge after recovering their losses. 

Join A Dice Match For Luck

To get more dice throws, you have to send invites to the opponent to join the fun. Dice Dreams is developed with a side game called dice throwing. In this segment, the statement’s content can be seen as an image on the sides of the dice.


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The instruction to move to an island and drop bombs to destroy the construction will be printed on the side of the bomb. For the thief figure, you will have one turn to steal from others. 

Become the master of the dice & show your friends who is the master

Connect your account to any external social media platform to facilitate sending invitations. You can also play the game more with friends and compare your progress. Additionally, it is permitted to become friends with other game players. Sending invitations to your friends can help you gain extra dice rolls, an advantage you get when you sign up for the game.

Download Dice Dreams Apk (Unlimited Rolls) For Android 

Playing against friends or players worldwide is a blast with the competitive, straightforward, entertaining, and addictive game of Dice Dreams. Click on the download button below to get started.


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What's new

Thanks for playing Dice Dreams! We are working hard to improve the game with every release.

In this version we've added a variety of updates and improvements to enhance your experience.

We hope you enjoy the game!

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