Dawn of Zombies Survival Mod Apk 2.182 (Free Craft/Build)

App Name Dawn of Zombies
UpdatedOct 27, 2022
Size1.79 GB
Mod Info Free Craft/Build
category Action
Price Free
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Dawn of Zombies Survival Mod Apk (Free Craft/Build) is an exciting survival game released by Royal Ark. The zombie apocalypse has long been a mystery, even though several games have been developed based on this topic. However, what if it happens? How will you survive? You have to download Dawn of Zombies to find out! Read more about this game below;



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Introducing: Dawn of Zombies

Down of Zombies from top to bottom is based on Zombie context. Currently, there are several zombie-themed survival games. Survival game with zombie-themed context tends to attract many players. Most people enjoy such games due to their oddly satisfying horrific content.

However, each game comes with a different storyline. For example, the dead Target storyline is separate from The Walking Dead storyline even though both are zombie games. The same applies to Dawn of Zombies; it has a captivating and unique plot that will keep you glued to the game.


In Dawn of Zombies, you play the character Strider, a security guard. The game has similar gameplay as Last Day on Earth. However, as a survivor in the zombie world, the first thing to do is build a strong base. The base will keep you safe from zombies but not for long; at least, you will have a place to keep your essential items and sleep.



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Speaking of sleeping, having a good sleep in a zombie-infested is impossible. Because zombies do not sleep, they are fearless, emotionless, and tireless. In addition, you have to be on the lookout because If they know your position, they will attack until they die.

Moreover, Dawn of Zombies Survival has a mode to help you temporarily stealth. Zombies can’t notice you when you’re hiding in the bush. So stealthily move and kill them. To survive the apocalypse, you need to venture into the downtown area.

Crafting weapons and equipment

Exploring the post-apocalyptic world isn’t what you will be doing for fun. It is a real battle of survival; You will need weapons to combat these zombies. However, there are few weapons available in this game. Instead, you need to collect wood and stone to make clothes, weapons, and unique items. Moreover, you can choose from different types of clothes in this game. From regular clothes to special ones like military vests can protect you from zombies.

Also, in Dawn of Zombies, the available weapons have different damage rates. A gun like a bazooka can help you do more damage to zombies and blow dozens of zombies in a bullet. There are several ways to get resources in this game. You can explore radioactive contamination areas, kill zombies, or trade with other players.

Build Shelter

It is essential to find materials to build yourself a shelter. This is where you take some rest, craft weapons, make food, and take shelter from the frost of death. Decide whether to build your shelter above ground or underground – or both. The monsters are everywhere, especially at night. You’ll need to defend your space to death if necessary. It might be easier to build it all underground to stay safe.

In addition, the best time to go out and find materials is during the daytime. But at night, that’s when the monsters come out to play.

Survive with many other players

It is good to know that Dawn of Zombies is a multiplayer online game. You meet new players worldwide, and you can work with them to build a solid base. To survive in this post-apocalypse world, you need every help you can get. Zombies usually attack in large numbers. The more people, the higher the chance of survival.

Down of Zombies Survival Mod Apk Version For Android


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As you know, Mod Apk has modded features that allow you to enjoy the game even better. With Down of Zombies Mod Apk, you can fight and trounce the zombies.

MOD features

  • Max LvL Craft
  • Free Craft
  • Free Build

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Download Dawn of Zombies Survival APK & MOD Version for Android

Overall, Dawn of Zombies Survival Apk has amassed over 5 million downloads on the play store in a short period. This game is rapidly becoming widespread and might soon be one of the most played zombie games. On this page, you can download the Dawn of Zombies Survival Mod Apk and the official Apk version.


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What's new

— Timed event: Halloween! Fight Plague Bokor and the Serpent's Brides in their Camp.
— Complete Halloween Celebration quests, take part in the Challenge and Halloween in the Territories special event, and get valuable rewards!
— A new unique ally: Plague Doctor. His active ability is available right away. The higher the ally's level, the faster it recharges.
— New Specialist's weapons and the chance to collect familiar decorations, appearances, weapons and Undertakers' bicycle.


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