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UpdatedNov 7, 2022
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Do you enjoy racing games? Crossout Mobile Apk is another exciting racing game you should try. On this page, you will be able to access the download for Crossout Mobile Apk. Download and enjoy this game on your Android or Tablet devices.

Crossout Mobile Apk


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Introducing Crossout Mobile Apk

Crossout Mobile, formerly Mad Driver, is an action-packed racing game mix published by Gaijin Distribution KFT. The characters make this game different from standard first-person shooter games. There is no warrior or soldier. It is just a vehicle war machine with heavy weapons. If you love racing games but are tired of traditional ones like Asphalt 9 Legends or Need For Speed, this game is a perfect choice.

Crossout Mobile Gameplay

The racing technique in this game is quite different but very similar to PUBG Mobile, with its controls and camera angle. In this game, winning is not the goal. Instead, you destroy the opponent’s vehicle by shooting at it rigorously. You can target any part of the enemy’s vehicle. The best part of shooting first is the gun. Once the firearm is damaged, the enemy won’t be able to attack you again. If you shoot all four of your opponent’s wheels, their vehicles will not move, and you can attack freely.

crossout mobile apk

At the end of each game, the game will give you a mysterious chest to open. It is essential to upgrade your equipment. For example, it would help if you made your car stronger, faster, and more resistant to enemy attacks.

Game Modes


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The primary mode of Crossout Mobile is 4vs4 battles. In this mode, you will team yourself with other players in the system. Your mission is to kill all enemies. Get ready to turn your opponent’s vehicle into a heap of scrab. Move wisely and focus your firepower steadily on your enemy. Compete with other players worldwide and climb to the top of the global rankings.

crossout mobile apk gameplay

Unique Cars and Customization

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugati? No! Nothing like that in this game. Cars in Crossout Mobile are different. They look like recycled cars from scrap yards, more like rugged military vehicles. The game also allows you to collect material to build unique cars and customize them to your taste. You can make several types of vehicles from the parts provided in the shop. An armored car, speed car, or a car equipped with a bazooka, name it.


Crossout Mobile comes with high-quality 30 graphics and the visual stand alongside other games on the make. The publisher personally emphasizes the image quality, sharp resolution, and realistic in-game environment. You will be able to testify to this the moment you start playing this game.


Crossout Mobile Apk has realistic in-game music and sounds. For example, when a missile is shut, you can hear the realistic sounds of vehicles, gunshots, and blasts.


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Download Crossout Mobile Apk – Latest Version For Android

Renaming Mad Driver to Crossout Mobile has dramatically changed the game. Nice graphics, great gameplay, and many attractive features have been added to the game. You can download Crossout Mobile Apk via the link below.

There is no Mod Apk Version available for this game yet.


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What's new

• Halloween in the Wasteland!
• Added new map “Aircraft carrier”
• The Ravens are back! They sell new weapons — the “Toadfish” crossbow and Tesla cannon “Flash”
• Improved loading screens: added mini maps, icons and maps descriptions
• Reworked the “King” minelayer
• Opened access to purchasing the Battle pass of the 4 season
• Improved stability
• Improved interface


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