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App Name Color Page ASMR
UpdatedOct 27, 2022
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Color Page ASMR Mod Apk is an addictive drawing mobile game focusing more on coloring. There aren’t any difficult gameplay elements or confusing levels. Instead, players are allowed to create and color countless unique images.

At some point in our lives, we have used colors to turn a dull drawing into a beautiful work of art. With the help of Color Page ASMR Mod Apk, players can combine various colors with painting and designing unique graphics such as animals, food, flowers, and other things. One way to characterize this game is as a stress reliever. Players can draw their pictures in addition to coloring more than a hundred pictures. Color Page Asmr MOD APK for Android is the best application if you’re an artist looking for a way to express your artistic abilities freely.


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It’s easy to understand how to play this game’s controls. To make these adjustments, tap the figure on your screen, choose the color or design you want to apply, and touch the figures. Since it isn’t complicated, you can begin playing the game and start getting the hang of it. 


The gameplay is quite exciting and addictive. Your main task is to draw, design, and color figures. The app was designed with several figures available for users to work on. So there’s work for kids and also for adults to work on. There are wide varieties of images to work on; you can’t run out of what to paint. 

This game has various levels, but you start with simpler pieces before going on to more complex ones. You are instructed to utilize straight lines to create the fundamental components of the picture while starting a new level. Once the draft is complete, you can quickly begin the coloring process and choose the colors and tools you want to use.

You should be aware that there are no time restrictions, so you can take as much time as you need. There is no need to rush or worry about the timer stopping while you are coloring. 

Intuitive and easy-to-use controls 

This game’s controls are very simple swipe gestures on the screen, which makes them quite intuitive. Simply touch the screen, and the pen will quickly and automatically draw the general outline of the image and fill in the details. The colors will display information on the screen during the coloring step. Simply tap the desired color type to begin coloring straight away. The system automatically colors following the player’s preferences to produce a complete picture rapidly. 

Play with no rules

This game’s originality is its vital component. This game’s creators are picky about how players use their artistic abilities and portray themselves in their artworks. As a result, no standards or norms dictate how a picture should look. Instead, everything depends on the person who is coloring it. 

Make sounds with your artwork.


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Color Page ASMR Mod Apk incorporates adorable and calming background music. Each hue used for the painting has a calm note, and you can hear the jubilant applause every time it is finished. In addition to encouraging hand motion when sketching, this coloring therapy game has substantial benefits for sending attention to colors, noises, and background music.

Graphics Quality 

In Color Page ASMR Mod Apk, details are shown in a traditional 2D format with recognizable brush strokes. Although not overly extensive, the picture’s intricacies are sufficient to satisfy any player. Most images are pretty accurate, so you can generally tell what they are saying and what they are saying. Additionally, rich colors contribute to the overall interest of your encounter. 

Download Color Page ASMR Mod Apk For Android 

Color Page ASMR Mod Apk is the game you’ve been seeking if you want to develop your artistic abilities. Discover how to draw various images, or enjoy the simple delight of coloring whenever and anywhere. Then, on your tablet, unwind and enjoy all the benefits of color and drawing without the hassle or expense of messy supplies. Get this adorable digital coloring book immediately and enjoy hours of creative inspiration and enjoyment.


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What's new

- Added 30 new levels
- Gameplay improvements
- Enjoy the game!


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