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Board Kings Apk combines the mechanism of classic board games and city building. Here, you roll dice to build cities for cute little bunnies to live happily. Growing up, playing board games was one of the things that made childhood fun for most of us. However, now that almost everybody uses smartphones, about 83.32% (Source: Statista) of the world’s population has a smartphone. As a result, board games are now being developed on mobile devices for users to enjoy.  


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About Board Kings 

Board Kings is the ultimate online multiplayer board game. Your main objective is to create the most stunning city for adorable little bunnies to live there contentedly. You must roll the dice and purchase buildings for the squares you land on to construct buildings. You will have tons of gold once you have an extensive collection of achievements. The gold you find will be utilized to create your city and, eventually, an empire. 

Naturally, you can only roll the dice a certain number of times. You must wait a few minutes to receive more throws if you run out. Of course, there are more strategies, including choosing cards from the deck, to increase the number of tosses. The features and gameplay of this game also added to its coolness. 


The gameplay of Board Kings Apk is not complicated at all. You’re just required to toss the dice and then see what happens next. Although you usually land on regular squares, occasionally, you’ll land on special squares that enable you to visit other players’ boards. In addition, you can get money by using the regular courts, and you can use that money to purchase buildings for the board.


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Sometimes, you will run out of turns for the day; you’ll be required to wait for a few minutes. Over time, you will get more chances to roll the dice by choosing a card. Board Kings provides players various alternatives, including Candy City, Pirate City, and Future City. People move there in more significant numbers as cities become more prosperous. You can unlock new cities if the population hits a specific threshold.

As I said earlier, Board Kings Apk is relatively easy to play. You don’t have to worry about winning or losing. The main goal is to build a beautiful city for lots of rabbits to live in. 

Have more fun when playing with friends

Playing games with pals is much more enjoyable than doing so alone. For example, board Kings Apk is significantly more fun to play when you play with others. 

You can build, upgrade, or visit the boards of your friends. If necessary, you can even launch an attack on their buildings. One of the components of this game’s odd appeal is playing and competing with other players.

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Graphics Quality 

The graphics quality of the game is fantastic for a board game, with everywhere covered with excellent blue color. With carefully selected 3D art to ensure the graphics are bright and energetic, players will be stunned by how much this game offers.

Download Board Kings Apk For Android 

Board Kings Apk is a straightforward and enjoyable board game. It’s packed with many unique features you will unravel while playing the game. Click on the download button below to get started.


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