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UpdatedOct 3, 2022
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There’s no way you will talk about modded versions of WhatsApp without mentioning Blue WhatsApp Plus APK. It continues to remain one of the most sought-after Mod versions of WhatsApp. Like GB Whatsapp, Blue WhatsApp Plus APK offers users more advanced features not included in the official WhatsApp app. 

This article aims at providing you with insight concerning Blue WhatsApp Plus APK, what features set it apart from the official WhatsApp client app, and also provide you with the working Blue WhatsApp Plus APK file. 


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About Blue WhatsApp Plus APK 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. It gives you access to more advanced features. A third-party company developed it to break the limit of what WhatsApp can offer. This app’s primary interface and color scheme are blue, although the user can customize everything.

Although the app is unavailable on the Google Play Store, you can download the APK file at the bottom of this article. Users turn to Blue WhatsApp Plus APK mainly because they want to enjoy more advanced features. Here are some of the features of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.  

Features Of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Completely Blue Interface 

The first thing you will notice after installing the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is the color of the theme of the app, which is entirely blue. Rather than the standard green theme of WhatsApp, this app chooses to go with a blue theme. 

More Privacy Option 

This software is not only physically appealing but also strongly focused on privacy. You can also hide most of your activities while using the app, such as your online status. That way, no one knows when you’re online or not. You can also hide typing or recording voice message actions. 

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK allows you to view status and read messages anonymously. This app also has a log feature that allows you to track when a specific contact is online and offline so that you may spy on them. 

Customize Accordingly

Although the app has an entirely blue interface, you can still change it to your preferred theme whenever you like. You can also change the app background, wallpaper, chat screen, or app icon. 


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Built-In Media Downloader

This has to be one of the essential features of this app. Sometimes we like what our contact share on their status, and we might also want to share the same on our status. For example, a friend shared a meme, and you also liked to repost your status. 

You can download your contact’s status with the updated version of Blue WhatsApp Plus APK. This will help eliminate the problem of asking them to send or download another third-party app. 

Difference between WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

The official WhatsApp app has its limitations. You can’t customize the theme, you can’t download WhatsApp status directly from the app, and you also can’t hide your typing or recording voice message action. All this is possible with the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.

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Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK 

Are you tired of the normal green theme? Then, click on the download button below to start enjoying a new UI.


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