Websites Like Thinkgeek: Best 8 ThinkGeek Alternatives 2022

ThinkGeek Alternatives: There are numerous online shopping websites to purchase almost everything, such as clothes, shoes, home gadgets, utensils, etc. However, only a few shopping sites are available for computer enthusiasts and gamers. Websites like ThinkGeek sell gaming stuff, and it is a trade-in destination for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo games, systems, consoles, & accessories.

However, ThinkGeek has shut down for some reason, and many of its fans are looking for the best alternatives. In this article, we’ve shared the best ThinkGeek alternatives for 2022: these are websites like ThinkGeek that offer similar use cases and features.


About ThinkGeek

Thinkgeek is a well-known online retailer dedicated to the needs and creativity of computer enthusiasts and the geek community. The company is based in McLean, Virginia, founded in 1999. Jen Frazier, Jon Sime, Scott Smith, and Willie Vadnais founded it as a side project while running a modest firm.

ThinkGeek was a website dedicated to computer geeks and geek culture. It creates geeky goods that go beyond conception. This geek store lets buyers browse for collectibles, in-game items, gadgets, home and office stuff, clothing, etc.

Just like Amazon is to people looking for an online retailer, manufacturer of electronic book readers, and Web services providers. Websites such as ThinkGeek are for geeks looking to buy gaming stuff for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo games. It is no more news that ThinkGeek has shut down, but here we’ve gathered the best ThinkGeek alternatives for your satisfaction.

Websites Like ThinkGeek: Best ThinkGeek Alternatives 2022

Best ThinkGeek Alternatives 2022

Thinkgeek has been the go-to spot for a wide range of geek-related items for over 20 years. But, suddenly, the company announced that it was shutting down the website and moving the activity to its parent company, GameStop.


This was a shock to many nerds and geeks because it was one of their favorite places to browse for various things. However, here’s some good news for people looking for Thinkgeek alternatives or ThinkGeek comparable websites: we’ve discovered the most similar site to ThinkGeek, where you can buy gadgets and collectibles.

  1. FireBox
  2. ParamountZone
  3. Gadgets and Gears
  5. Sharp Image
  6. Entertainment Art
  7. Jinx
  8. Cool Things

1. FireBox

firebox: ThinkGeek Alternatives

If you’re looking for something unique and top alternative for ThinkGeek, FireBox is a beautiful choice for a creative buyer. It provides an incredible selection of alternative products, including lifestyle accessories, homewares, exotic beverages, cutting-edge technology, gifts, etc.

2. ParamountZone

paramountzone: Best ThinkGeek Alternatives 2022

Consider ParamountZone if you’re looking for new gadgets and gifts. The website serves as a one-stop-shop for discounted electronics, toys, and Birthday Gifts for men, women, and children.


3. Gadgets and Gears


Gadgets and Gear is another fantastic one-of-a-kind geeky store where you may discover Gadgets for Home Security is Gadgets & Gear. On the internet, you can get high-end hidden cameras, surveillance equipment, security cameras, and nanny cams, among other things.


One of the websites that are similar to ThinkGeek is The website contains over 100 million high-quality products available for purchase at a low cost.’s best feature connects consumers with millions of manufacturers, eliminating the need for a middleman and allowing shoppers to purchase high-quality products at reduced prices. You can also get savings of up to 60% to 90%. In addition, if the item’s quality is poor, you can quickly return it for a full refund.


5. Sharper Image

sharper-image-Best website like ThinkGeek

Sharper Image is a Geeks site with thousands of unique products, one-of-a-kind gifts, and technological gifts. You’ll find gifts for her, him, and the children on the website.

6. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is similar to ThinkGeek in that it sells toys, collectibles, action figures, statues, bobbleheads, clothing, prop reproductions, dolls, and vinyl figures all in one place.


7. Jinx

jinx: site like ThinkGeek

Jinx is a popular online clothing store specializing in geeky and gaming apparel. This is an excellent ThinkGeek alternative if you’re into computers, gaming, huge robots, gadgets, Eskimos, ninjas, or anything technical.

8. Cool Things

Cool Things is a great website that is comparable to ThinkGeek. The website features the latest gizmos, gadgets, men’s and women’s gifts, Gear, autos, innovations, toys, furniture, and unique items.

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What Happened To ThinkGeek Website?

ThinkGeek is one of the top online stores to get a wide range of geeky things, including collectibles, gadgets, home and office equipment, clothing, etc.


ThinkGeek chose to shut down its website after 20 years of serving the internet’s geeks with a vast assortment of geek-related stuff. Instead, its operations relocated to its parent company GameStop’s website. Meanwhile, the business holds a 50 percent discount “moving sale.” So even though the company announced that it would halt operations, the good news is that physical locations remain open around the country.

How Is ThinkGeek Different From Other eCommerce Platforms?

ThinkGeek is a popular website among both techies and geeks. The store included science fiction and fantasy cultural properties such as The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Minecraft, Marvel Comics, Firefly, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.

Furthermore, the company also sold Magic 8 Ball and Schrodinger’s Cat merchandise. ThinkGeek is also famed for its April Fools’ Day jokes, including various fictitious and unusual products.

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ThinkGeek is a well-known shopping business website and information center for tech enthusiasts, where you can find any tech product for men and women. However, since is no longer accessible, the ThinkGeek alternatives we’ve can take its place. So, whether you’re looking for the latest gamer clothes, a great anime figure, a drone, or any other remote-controlled gadget, the accessible sites mentioned above are where you should look. In addition, we’ve included a few of the most intriguing and exciting ThinkGeek alternative websites for you to check out.

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