Is A Way Out Cross-Platform in 2022? (PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5)

A Way Out is an intense co-op game released by Electronic Arts in 2018. The game has several players worldwide, thanks to its outstanding gameplay. If you are looking to play A Way Out on different devices and want to find out if it is cross-platform, then you are on the right page.

If you’re asking yourself this question, “Is A Way Out Cross-Platform?” this is where you get detailed answers to your question. Read more about A Way Out below.


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A Way Out – Brief Introduction

A Way Out is a two players co-op game from Electronic Art and Development. The gameplay is mixed with actions and adventure. The gameplay story revolves around two prisoners, Leo and Vincent, who cooperate to break out of prison. Players must control both players and face different challenges to progress in the game.

Furthermore, the two-character comes with different personalities. This means there are some things Leo can do, but Vincent can not, and vice versa. Therefore, players must understand each character and know the one to use when facing different challenges.

One of the exciting features of A Way Out is multiplayer. You can play with other players, and any player can control each character. However, if a player has picked a character, another player can not choose the same character. Each player sticks with the character they choose at the start of the game, and the stories play out as a strictly split-screen experience. A Way Out gameplay is smooth and has an excellent graphic, making it more effortless to switch between characters.


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With that being said, let’s answer the question everyone has been asking “Is A Way Out Cross-Platform in 2022?” Can I play A Way Out with friends on different platforms?

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform in 2022?

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform game

NO, A Way Out is not a cross-platform game. For a game to be cross-platform compatible, players must be able to cross-play such a game on different devices and synchronize progress. But in the case of A Way Out, it is not possible.

So, unfortunately, if your gaming device is different from your friend’s, you cannot enjoy A Way Out multiplayer together.


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Another reason A Way Out is not cross-platform is that it was designed to be played on split-screen. However, the developer hasn’t announced any plan for cross-platform play, so there is no hope for A Way Out becoming a cross-platform game anytime soon.

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform Xbox One And PS4?

A Way Out does not have cross-platform compatibility for Xbox One and PS4. The reason is that A Way Out needs to be accessed from the same gaming device to play as a multiplayer.

Moreover, sharing your progress with other players on other platforms is possible by inviting them into your game sessions. But you can not play the game together using different gaming devices.

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform PC And PS4/PS5?

No, A Way Out is not cross-platform between PC, PS4, or PS5. That is because PC, PS4, and PS5 are different gaming devices. So in terms of multiplayer, players using other devices like PC, PS4, or PS5 can not play together.

For example, if you are playing A Way Out on PS4 only players on PS4 can cross-play with you. The same applies if you are using a PC or PS5.

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Is A Way Out Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC?

No, A Way Out does not support cross-platform compatibility between Xbox One and PC. So if you are playing A Way Out on Xbox One, you can cross-play with a friend using a PC.

Is A Way Out Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

No, the answer is the same as the others. A Way Out does not have cross-platform compatibility between PC and Nintendo Switch. It is impossible for people playing A Way Out on PC to cross-play with those using Nintendo Switch.


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Overall, if you are using Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch to play A Way Out, the person you want to cross-play with must also use the same devices.


In summary, this article answers different questions about “Is A Way Out Cross-Platform in 2022?.” And the basic answer is NO. So though A Way Out is not cross-platform, it is still worth trying out.

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