How to Hire a Talent Agent in Bitlife?

BitLife is a simulation game that takes every aspect of life into its gameplay. In the game, you can choose any career path and work to archive all the requirements and become successful. For example, in bitlife, you can become a pilot, Veterinarian, an actor, etc.

BitLife Apk: How to Hire a Talent Agent in Bitlife

However, if your career path in bitlife is becoming an actor, you will need to hire a talent agent. It is easier to become a successful actor in bitlife if you have a talent agent. The talent agent will be your career coach and train you till you rise to fame and fortune.


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Requirements to Hire a Talent Agent in Bitlife

To secure a talent agent, you must first qualify as an actor. However, a few things are required if you want to be an actor in bitlife. Looks, Intelligence, and School matter a lot. Your BitLife character needs to have high percentages of both looks and intelligence. Furthermore, ensure the acting lesson is approved by your parents as a child under the Mind and Body tab.

Did I mention school? Yes! You also need to finish school. Mind you, it is possible to become an actor at a younger age in BitLife, but the best route is to finish high school first. In addition, you do not need a college degree to become an actor.


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How to Hire a Talent Agent in Bitlife?

How to Hire a Talent Agent in Bitlife in 2022

As you become a qualified actor, the next thing is to hire a talent agent. You will need a premium career pack for $1.99 before getting a talent agent. After you’ve purchased the pack, you can get an acting job and contact an agent to improve your job opportunities.

That’s all about hiring a talent agent in Bitlife.

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