How to get into law school in Bitlife? (2022)

Bitlife allows you to live a second life in simulation through your Sims character. You are free to choose different careers in the game and explore vast possibilities. However, if you decide to become a lawyer in Bitlife, then you have to go to law school.

In Bitlife, law school is one of the hardest to get into because it is associated with high-profile courses, so the requirement is demanding. However, this blog post will explain the process and how to get into law school in bitlife.


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How to get into law school in Bitlife?

How to get into law school in Bitlife

To enter law school in bitlife, your character needs to have close to a 100% smartness rating, with a degree qualification in subjects like History, English, or Political Science. Furthermore, you should avoid unrelated activities such as Dance or something to do with the Arts. Else your application will be rejected.

Moreover, you can archive a high smartness rating by visiting the library, reading books, or studying hard in school. If you can keep up with a high level of smartness and a degree in the right course, you should easily be accepted to law school. From there, you can further your career and eventually become a lawyer.


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More so, you can apply for the junior associate position at a law firm after you finish law school. There, you gain the necessary experience needed to become a magistrate and eventually a judge. Remember that you need to keep a good smartness rating that will be the benchmark to progress further in your career.

In Conclusion

To get into law school in Bitlife, you must have high intelligence and good grades. You should also try to participate in extracurricular activities like mock trials. Finally, make sure to take the LSAT exam and get a good score.


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