How to become an Actor in Bitlife 2022 (New Update)

There are many simulation games out there. BitLife is one of the few that allow players to choose a career path and work towards their desired profession. If you want to become an actor in Bitlife and don’t know how, this post will show you the step-by-step process and the requirements to become a successful actor or Movie star in Bitlife.


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There are several careers in Bitlife. One of the best careers you can choose is acting. This profession will bring your sims fame and wealth. However, becoming an actor requires a lot of effort and dedication. Therefore, we’ll go over the steps you’ll need to take to make your dream of being an actor a reality.

The requirements to become an Actor in Bitlife in 2022

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Just like becoming a pilot requires 40 hours of flight lessons, becoming a lawyer requires going to law school. Likewise, becoming an Actor in Bilife also needs some requirements you have to fulfill. Below we’ve mentioned the criteria and how you can satisfy them.


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  • High Looks: As an actor, your physic is part of what makes you a star. In bitlife, part of the requirements to become an actor is your Sims looks. Your Sims need to have a 70 out of 100 looks rating. You can archive high looks by buying new clothes and accessories for your sims. Furthermore, your character can archive high looks by re-rolling. Re-rolling simply means creating new characters until you get decent stats.
  • Graduate from High School: Graduating high school is part of the requirements for most careers in Bitlife, likewise Acting. High school is where your character will attend after elementary school unless your character is expelled, dropped out, or deceased. Depending on the country you select in the game, students will graduate as young as 13 or 18. However, make sure you graduate school and don’t drop out.

Those are the basic requirements. However, there is more to it. After you’ve archived decent looks, you need to focus on aging up to age 8. When your Sims age up to 8, go to the Mind and Body tab under Activities and find Acting Lessons by clicking the Lessons Tab. Then click on the Acting Lessons option.


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Moreover, note that there is a chance she will refuce. Should that ever happen, keep aging up or restart your character. More often than not, it is better to recreate your character to save time.

If that doesn’t work the first time, it should work on the second try. Follow the same steps until you manage to start Acting Lessons. Keep practicing and taking acting lessons. Just find the Acting Lessons tab again under Mind and Body to continue practicing. This will help raise your acting asking to the highest level possible.

Moreover, after high school, your parent will stop paying for lessons and your skill bar stops going up. When the skill bar stops moving, age up and try again. Doing that should raise your skill up as possible. Once you attain a reasonable skill level, you should start pursuing a career as a Movie Star or Actor.

With that being said, let’s move to the major topic which is how to become an Actor in Bitlife in 2022.

How to become an Actor in Bitlife in 2022

How to become an Actor in Bitlife- complete guide

After fulfilling all necessary requirements, the next step is to get an acting job and become a Movie Star. The process to become a movie star or an actor in bitlife has changed. Before you just have to apply for a Voiceover Acting job and that’s all. That is no longer the case, the process now requires hiring a talent agent and applying for auditions.


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Hiring a talent does not cost much. Start by getting a small job to raise money to hire a talent agent. Any small or part-time job will be good to make enough money to hire a talent agent. After hiring a talent agent, you can use your Agent to apply to auditions under the Actor tab in Special Careers.

How to Hire a Talent Agent in Bitlife

Furthermore, you can apply for both movie roles and television roles. In the long run, you will eventually become an actor or a movie star in bitlife.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, to become an actor in Bitlife, players will need to start off by getting a job in the entertainment industry. They can then work their way up the ladder by taking acting classes, auditioning for roles, and networking with other actors and industry professionals. With hard work and dedication, players can achieve their dream of becoming an Actor in Bitlife.


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