How to become a veterinarian in BitLife (2022)

On this website, we’ve shared guides on several careers in Bitlife, and this is yet another one. If you like taking care of animals and want to become a vet in bitlife, then you’re on the right page. The article will guide you through the requirements and the process of becoming a veterinarian in Bitlife.

How to become a veterinarian in BitLife

You might think of a veterinarian as a person who cares for cats and dogs, but that is just a tiny part of what a vet doctor does. A human doctor only needs to know how to care for people, while a veterinarian needs to know much more about different animal species. However, this isn’t just dogs and cats. You must know how to treat birds, monkeys, fishes, and even lizards. So that’s why you have to study hard.


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How to Become a veterinarian in BitLife

To become a vet in Bitlife, you must first ensure your character has good Smarts stats. Next, study hard and graduate high school, then go to University and select chemistry as your course of study. Once you’ve completed your degree, you must go to higher learning and apply to veterinary school. Finally, after successfully graduating from Vet school, you can apply for the Jr. Veterinarian job and eventually become a vet!

To make your journey easier, your character needs to have the highest Smarts starts possible. You have to be more focused on studying rather than the practical aspect. Make sure you go to the School tab and study hard each year. Not just that, you should also go to the library and as soon as it is available under the Activities > Mind & Body menu. Read as many books as you can. It is up to you how far you want to go with it.


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Furthermore, in High School, make sure you join at least two activities. First, you can find available activities under the School menu. Then pick activities such as Chess Club, Debate Club, etc. This will increase your chance of getting a scholarship.

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In addition, make sure you pick either, Chemistry or biology when choosing a course to study at the University. If the option is unavailable, close the app and check again. Once you find your preferred course, apply for a scholarship. Getting a scholarship is not guaranteed, but you still have to try your luck.

After you’ve secured your university degree, go to the education tab and apply to Veterinary School. If your application is denied, you will have to restart the application and apply again until you get enrolled. Once you complete the Veterinary school, go to the job section and search Veterinary Position.


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Lastly, apply for the position of Jr. Veterinarian or Regular Veterinarian. Make sure you answer the interviewer’s question correctly. Once you get the job, you must buy ten pets from a pet store or rescue animals. In addition, make sure you build a good relationship with your pets by feeding them, spending time with them, and taking them on walks.


In summary, this article consists of the step-by-step process of how to become a veterinarian in Bitlife. In our previous articles, we’ve also talked about how you can become a pilot, a lawyer, or how to hire a talent agent in Bitlife.

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