The 8 Best Tesla Apps for Android and iOS 2022

Are you looking to keep up to date with the latest news on Tesla? Perhaps you’re considering buying one of their electric cars and want to know how you can extend their functionality? Or you already own a Tesla, and you want to increase its functions. 

Best Tesla Apps for Android and iOS 2022

Remote s: Best Tesla Apps for Android And ios

Well, good news! There are plenty of Best Tesla apps available to help you do just that. Below are the most useful Tesla apps for Android or iOS:

  1. Remote S
  2. Sentry View
  3. AutoMate for Tesla
  4. TeslaFi
  5. Scan my Tesla
  6. Tezlab

Now let get into delails!

1. Remote S

The Tesla Model S is equipped with an embedded 3G connection that allows you to access various features via your smartphone, including apps like Pandora and Slacker Radio. 

If you don’t have a 3G connection where you live, you can install Remote S — which enables key functions on your car from anywhere in North America.

This app also comes in handy if you lose your keys; You can simply log in to Remote S and start your car.

It’s worth noting that while Remote S is free, accessing some of its more advanced features requires a $2 monthly subscription fee. 

Remote S also helps you keep tabs on your car. You can determine whether it’s locked, see how much charge is left in its battery, and view essential vehicle data like miles traveled and odometer readings. Remotes S is one of the best tesla apps you can you on android devices.

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2. SentryView

SentryView: Best Tesla Apps for Android And ios

SentryView sends real-time data from your car to your phone. You can view speed, power, battery level, and miles per gallon. This is ideal if you’re a regular driver looking to optimize fuel efficiency.

The app is free on both Android and iOS. However, there are in-app purchases available. If you pay $2.99/month or $29.99/year, you get access to additional features, including power management tools and an option to save maps offline. 

You also get an expanded notifications section that allows you to control certain aspects of your vehicle remotely—for example, starting it up if it’s already warm outside when you arrive at work in the morning.

It also serves as a trip planner tool. It provides alternative routes based on traffic conditions. This is another useful Tesla app of 2022

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3. AutoMate for Tesla

AutoMate for Tesla: Best Tesla Apps for Android And ios

The AutoMate app can check how much battery your Tesla has left, and it also enables you to start your car from afar. Furthermore, it also comes with a smartwatch app to control certain features of your car through your wrist. 

AutoMate costs $4.99 on Google Play and $1.99 on iTunes, but it’s free for Tesla owners. And if you don’t own a Tesla yet, keep reading; there are plenty more apps that will let you make your electric vehicle feel like a luxury sports car. 

This is just one example of an app that uses new technologies. Many modern vehicles come with access to their respective automaker’s website, including apps available for download. These are great because they allow you to customize your car and can give you direct access to the features you want most. But if you want more options, there are plenty of third-party options. 

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4. TeslaFi

The TeslaFi app turns your mobile device into a full-featured diagnostic tool that communicates directly with your vehicle. It gives you data on how well your car is running and tips on keeping it in optimal condition.

The app lets you browse new vehicles’ pricing, leasing, and purchase options. It can also enable remote features like starting a car from afar or honking its horn.

If you own a Tesla, there are two apps that I recommend above all others. The first is a remote diagnostics and troubleshooting app called Big Red Button. 

This app will connect to your car over Wi-Fi and allow you to send commands like start the engine, honk the horn, and flashlights and retrieve information such as driving history, battery levels, and more. 

It can even let you know how much energy you’re using in real-time. (Android, iOS)

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5. Scan my Tesla

This is one of the Best Tesla apps for Android, and the easiest and most popular way to access your Tesla data is with a smartphone app. In addition, scan my Tesla is designed to work with multiple makes and models of electric vehicles, so if you have a Model S but are considering a future purchase of an X, you can use it now and later.

It’s also useful for owners who have more than one Tesla vehicle in their household. And because it works directly with your car, there are no monthly fees associated with using it. You can learn more about setting up and using Scan my Tesla on the app.

If you’re interested in other services that help you interact with your Tesla through your mobile phone, consider these options: 

Turo, which offers a remote unlock feature that lets you open and closes your car’s doors without being at home; and RemoteS, which uses cell phone connectivity to transmit driving statistics such as speed, engine status, and mileage from the car’s computer back to its owner’s phone.

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6. Tezlab

Tezlab can monitor your car remotely and displays whether it’s in the park, driving, reverse, charging, etc., on a live map. This could prove valuable if you leave your car at home and need to ensure no one is misusing it. 

It will also allow you to remotely stop charging the car once it reaches 100% charge capacity. The best part about Tezlab is that it doesn’t require any software installation into your vehicle. 

Just download the app onto your phone, enter a few details about your vehicle, and you are good to go! This is one of the Best tesla apps for ios. 

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