The 8 best apps for plumbers in 2022

Best apps for plumbers: As the owner of a local plumbing business, keeping your employees and yourself organized can be challenging, but with the right app, this won’t be too much of an issue in 2022. We’ve put together a list of our favorite apps that are useful for plumbers and will make your business run more smoothly in the future. So make sure to check these out!

8 Best Apps For Plumbers in 2022 

Best Apps For Plumbers; Route4Me Route Planner
Pipe and Fitting

With all of these great new applications available, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth adding to your phone. Here’s a quick overview of eight of our favorite must-have apps to help keep your business running smoothly. If you have any favorites that we missed, let us know!


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  • Route4Me Route Planner
  • Frontu
  • Pipe and Fitting
  • Bubble Level
  • EasyMeasure
  • BTU Calculator
  • Pipe Trades Pro
  • Plumbing Formulator

1. Route4Me Route Planner

This app is a convenient tool to use. It helps you create, edit, and manage your service calls by making it easy to organize the day-to-day jobs that can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Route4Me also has many other features—all designed to streamline the daily operations of your plumbing business. The free version gives you access to a lot of information and even allows you to connect with potential customers via social media. 

The paid version costs $15 per month or $150 per year, but it offers much more added functionality. So if you have a lot of work orders each week or if managing your customer base is essential to your success as a plumber, consider investing in this premium option.

Download Here

2. Frontu

Frontu is one of the best apps for plumbers. It provides users with some great features to streamline their business. For example, I like how it shows all plumbing jobs at a glance so you can see your schedule and know what’s happening. 


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The app also tracks costs and time, allowing me to be more accurate in invoicing clients. 

It also helps remind you of tasks that need to be completed – things you might have forgotten about or just plain overlooked. 

Finally, Frontu has a solid customer support team. If you run into any issues, they quickly respond and work hard to resolve them as quickly as possible. I highly recommend using Frontu if you want an app to help manage your plumbing business. You won’t regret it!

Download Here

3. Pipe and Fitting

One of your most important jobs as a plumber is to connect pipes, fittings, hoses, valves, and other plumbing fixtures. 

You’ll need to do that to complete work like draining or flushing sewage or removing waste from appliances. 

An app with step-by-step instructions will be beneficial when you need to finish these tasks quickly or on a tight schedule. 

Such an app could also help reduce human error when measuring parts and gauging angles. Some even offer specialized features, such as barcode scanning, part ordering, 3D modeling capabilities, etc.

Download Here

4. Bubble Level

The Bubble Level app is the best plumbing app for one simple reason – it’s the most accurate leveler. 

It will display a perfectly calibrated bubble no matter how shaky your hands are. Point your phone at the area you want to measure, hold it steady, and let the app do it. You can also enter custom dimensions to have a reference with dimensions handy. 

This is one of the top-rated plumbing apps because of its accuracy. This tool was designed by craftsmen who wanted a reliable leveler to aid them as they worked on their latest DIY project. 


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They knew that home improvement jobs often require tools like tape measures or levels but often lead to inaccurate results because people cannot keep their hands still enough when taking measurements or leveling items up. So that’s why they made it – it’s a brilliant app that will ensure you get an accurate measurement every time. 

The Bubble Level app also allows you to store your dimensions if you need to reference them later down the road. 

It has a simple interface with no ads or unnecessary features – point your phone at what you want to measure, hold it steady, and let it do its thing!

5. EasyMeasure

For any bathroom remodeling projects you tackle, from minor tile repairs to repainting a room or building an entirely new bathroom, the EasyMeasure app is your best friend. 

It makes it easy to precisely measure the area you need help with, particularly when installing tiling. 

And did we mention the plethora of design templates that can show you how a room will look after a significant overhaul? Start by taking pictures of each wall (both inside and out) before tearing down anything. 

When you have finished taking measurements, upload them to a computer and share them with contractors or family members so they can see what needs to be done. 

Download here

6. BTU Calculator

If you’re doing a lot of HVAC work, the BTU Calculator is one of the best plumbing apps (and is surprisingly easy to use!). 

It helps determine the total BTUs of your system based on volume, length, number of fixtures, and other considerations. Use the calculator to help determine which BTU will be best for your home/project! #1 App For Plumbing Operators. 


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You can also easily look up different codes if you want to add a new room or upgrade an existing appliance, making it much easier than navigating around with other codes already on your phone. 

In addition, it has tutorials about how to repair everything from broken faucets to leaking toilets. XRay X-ray (FREE): If you have to check underneath someone’s house or into a walled-off crawl space area, using XRay X-ray may save your life. This excellent app allows you to see through walls and objects by creating 3D renderings of what’s inside.

Download Here

7. Pipe Trades Pro

The Pipe Trades Pro app is ideal for anyone working in the plumbing field. 

It offers a variety of calculators, including one to determine your yardage requirements and one to tell you how much of an item to order. 

Other tools include a taper calculator, which helps you cut copper pipe; a copper pipe butt calculator; and a brass fitting converter to help you figure out the thread counts of various fittings. 

I like Pipe Trades Pro because it includes information about codes and regulations. In addition to accessing these from within each tool, there’s also a handy reference section at the bottom of every page that contains even more information about these topics.

Overall, I’d say that Pipe Trades Pro is worth checking out if you work in any capacity as a plumber or electrician or want to learn more about it.

Download here 

8. Plumbing Formulator

The Plumbing Formulator is one of the best plumbing apps, but it’s also one of the best home-and-garden apps. The Plumbing Formulator provides details on installing pipes and fittings and tips on safety and proper tools. Plumbing has never been easier or more accessible than with the Plumbing Formulator! 


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A must-have for any plumber. This can be very helpful when trying to make an estimate, which helps save time and money. In addition, this makes it easy to look up sizes of pipes or fittings without running around looking for them. And they provide great tutorials that help you understand each piece better and ensure you use them correctly. You can find out what pipes work with each other so you don’t use the wrong pieces together because they don’t fit properly.

Download Here


Technology has made things easier for us and streamlined our day-to-day activities. 

Technology’s impact does not leave any sphere of life untouched, including the plumbing business. The above are apps for plumbers in 2022.

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