5 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android 2022

Time is an unavoidable element of life. Every life activity is attached to time.  The time we sleep and wake up has a significant impact on our productivity and daily life activities. Therefore, it is essential to be time conscious in our everyday activities. If you are a heavy sleeper or need to wake up at a precise time, you need an alarm clock app.

There are many alarm clock apps available for android devices. We’ve selected a few of the Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android on this page.

5 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android 2021

  • Timely Alarm Clock
  • Alarm Clock Alarmy
  • AlarmMon
  • Challenges Alarm Clock
  • Early Bird Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm Clock is a simple but efficient alarm app for Android users. It features cloud synchronization that allows you to use the app on multiple devices. You can set up the alarm without any stress. Just swipe the edge of the screen and set your desired time. Timely offers a large number of tunes and sounds to choose from. Timely as a feature called “smart rise,” this will gently wake you from sleep 30 minutes before you need to wake up. Timely also has optional challenges for heavy sleepers to get you out of bed quickly.

Download Timely Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock Alarmy

Alarm Clock Alarmy

Alarm Clock Alarmy is the perfect app for heavy sleepers. Alarmy is the top-rated alarm clock app for android and IOS. However, it is known as the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm App.” Yeah, the claim is valid. It has some crazy challenges that could wake the dead if possible. You are required to perform unusual tasks to turn off the alarm. For example, if you choose to turn off the alarm by shaking your phone, you have to shake it up to 999 times to wake your body.  Other challenges include taking pictures of a registered location in your room or solving a math problem.

Download Alarm Clock Alarmy


AlarmMon is a beautiful alarm clock with an appealing user interface.

AlarmMon is a beautiful alarm clock with an appealing user interface. It has over  27 million users worldwide, with over 1o million installs on Google Play alone. It allows you to set multiple alarms if needed. Furthermore, you can also the alarm tone and snooze instructions. It is a unique alarm clock. It keeps bothering you until you jump out of bed. To turn off the alarm, you have to play some games which require your full attention and brain work. The app is free to use, but other extras come with a price.

Download AlarmMon

Challenges Alarm Clock

Challenges Alarm Clock

This is another helpful alarm app for android devices. This alarm has different challenges that trick your brain into waking up. These challenges include solving puzzles, math equations, or sequences of games to stop the alarm. There is also a soft wake feature that wakes you softly.

Download Challenges Alarm Clock

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Early Bird Alarm Clock

early birds alarm clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock is simple and powerful to use. It is very flexible when it comes to customization. You can select different themes from various themes available in the app. It also changes the alarm tune every day to prevent you from sleeping due to familiar alarm sounds. You can also set up daily events to get notified of every schedule. In addition, the early Bird Alarm Clock says the current time during alarm firing.

Download Early Bird Alarm Clock


The phrase “Time is money” is not overrated. Kindly tell us your suggestion in the comment section.

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