How to Become a Lawyer in Bitlife in 2022

There are several careers in Bitlife that players can choose. On this website, we’ve shared how to become a pilot in bitlife and other tips to enjoy the game evermore. In this article, we’ve shared a step-by-step guide on becoming a lawyer in Bitlife in 2022.

Realistically, becoming a lawyer requires years of study. Aspired lawyers must undertake a series of steps to practice law, including completing undergraduate and graduate degrees, examinations, and licensing. This scenario also plays out in the game as well.


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You have to fulfill several requirements to become a lawyer in bitlife. Fortunately for you, we’ve shared the requirements and guidance on how to become a successful lawyer in bitlife. However, before we get into details, let’s briefly introduce what BitLife is about.

Bitlife – Quick Introduction

Bitlife is a popular virtual life simulation game from the desk of Candywriter, LLC. The game is available for different devices, including android and ios. In this game, you play out your entire life in a simulation. Every aspect of human life is simulated in this game, from childhood to adulthood and choosing a career.

Furthermore, you decide every part of your life in the game, from whom to marry and what career you wish to pursue in the game. The game also allows you to choose several storylines and scenarios, giving you several possibilities for your characters. Like it is in reality, life in the game is also full of unexpected outcomes and setbacks. So keep your heads up and move on!

However, as interesting as the game sounds, it sometimes gets tricky, so we share Bitlife guides on our website. Moreover, there are different careers you can choose from in the game. In our last post, we shared how to become a pilot in Bitlife. Here, we will talk about how to become a Lawyer in Bitlife.

Requirements for becoming a lawyer in Bitlife

Like other career paths, some requirements need to be fulfilled before becoming a lawyer in Bitlife.

Intelligence: Being intelligent plays a significant role in becoming a lawyer in Bitlife. In the stats, your character must be 70% smart. To make your character attain a higher level of smartness, go to the School area and hit “Study Harder” to up your smarts. In addition, visiting the library, reading books, or studying hard in school can increase smarts.


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Education: For your character to become a lawyer in BitLife, you need to choose a proper career after graduating high school. Then apply to study law at a university, your course should be between Political Science or English. In addition, you can also try to apply for a scholarship.

How to Become a Lawyer in Bitlife in 2022

After you’ve fulfilled all the basic requirements, you will be admitted to law school in bitlife. By completing law school, your character can apply for a junior associate position at a law firm. You should be accepted for the role with high enough smarts and all of the education you’ve completed. If you work hard enough, you can eventually become a partner, the highest you can go with this career.

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Moreover, after 30 years of experience with good smarts, you apply to become a “magistrate.” If you keep your smarts up and work hard enough, you will eventually become a judge.

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